HYPERLOOP ONE Keeps Getting Smarter. Soon They Will HYPERLOOP!

Our Company.

Called many things: In the HYPERLOOP World: “The Muhammad Ali HYPERLINK”
Our major project is a HYPERLOOP between Louisville, Kentucky and Chicago

We have always been associated with HYPERLOOP ONE

Always been concerned with HYPERLOOP ONE financing, so we are investing time, thoughts, love with VENTURE CAPITAL people.

HYPERLOOP ONE is growing staff and now able to communicate great ideas with us indians: Three Smart Takes On Hyperloop, The Global Supply Chain, And The Infinite Suburb

To celebrate Infrastructure Week, we hosted a series of conversations with people who have ideas for making the global economy more productive, competitive, and safe. Bottom line: It’s time to invest in new ways to move people and goods. It’s #TimeToBuild.

Q&A: Geo-strategist And Best-selling Author Parag Khanna:
The Emerging Global Power That Knows No Borders

Building Big Projects Requires Big Thinking

What is Hyperloop? It’s the next mode of transportation. Combine the speed of an airplane, the capacity of a metro, the convenience of an automobile and the comfort of an elevator. It’s efficient and on-demand. Only Hyperloop One is building it.

In other projects: The Railroad from Beacon to Hopewell Junction to Southeast is DEAD according to the NY City Metropolitan Transportation Authority. We looked at it. But too short for a HYPERLOOP. Now Governor Cuomo of NY (who REALLY runs the NY City Metropolitan Transportation Authority along with Senator Chuck Schumer) gets his wish A RAIL TRAIL

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