The Tobin Packing Company of Albany (Makers of First Prize Hot Dogs)


The Albany Times Union recently had a feature article on long-gone Tobin Packing of Albany.

They had quite a collection of pictures. The old First Prize Truck at the top is courtesy of Hanks Truck Pictures

The plant lasted from 1924 to 1981 and the ruins are still for sale.

As well as First Prize, meat processing was once a big industry in Albany. The Swift meat packing company was first founded in 1855 by 16 year old Gustavus Franklin Swift in Eastham, Massachusetts. It’s early origins on Cape Cod, led to later Brighton, MA, Albany, NY and Buffalo, NY locations, It was finally in Chicago. Gustavus Swift also championed the refrigerated railroad car.


16 thoughts on “The Tobin Packing Company of Albany (Makers of First Prize Hot Dogs)”

  1. I live in Wilkes Barre Pa 18702 I would like to know where to purchase your hot dog s when sunshine market closed we weren’t able to find your product anywhere..


  2. please email me if you know where i can get tobins they used to be in every butcher shop in new york untilabout 25 years ago.


  3. What I remember from my few young years in the Mohawk Valley is the kielbasa and the Mother Goose liverwurst. If only I could find it down South. I couldnt even find any when I lived in Manhattan.


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