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Odd HelpDesk Requests

My cup-holder broke éand I need a replacement (thought CD-drive was cup holder)
Can I have the number to the World-wide Internet?
Can you hack into my boyfriend’s Facebook page?
Can you put a tracking device on my daughter’s tablet?
I’m locked in the bathroom can you help me get out
Is it OK if I use correction fluid on my monitor?

Is WINDOWS 10 Like Going Back With Your First Spouse?

Windows 10 is officially launching on July 29, finally allowing consumers and enterprise users around the world to get their hands on an operating system that has, in many ways, fixed the mistakes Microsoft made with Windows 8. Better yet, Windows 10 will be available for free to current Windows 7 and Windows 8 users and will come bundled with the latest PCs from hardware manufacturers around the world. Thus, it’s likely that within the next few months Windows 10 will be on millions of computers around the world. By that time, many PC users will have had a chance to see just how well the operating system is faring in comparison to the failure that was Windows 8. Still, many users have yet to decide whether to upgrade to Windows 10 on launch day or any time after, and questions remain about the value the platform will provide if they decide to adopt it. After all, it’s the early adopters that get burned by unforeseen software glitches. However, here’s a look at why some PC users may want to upgrade to Windows 10.

Your life has changed since your first spouse. Lots of partners, other spouses since then. You meet that first spouse and all of a sudden : fond memories. WINDOWS 3.0, WINDOWS 95, WINDOWS XT, etc.


The Real Start Menu Is Finally Back

Those who miss the old days when Windows had a real Start Menu will be happy with what they find in Windows 10. While Windows 8 ditched the Start Menu, Windows 10 is bringing it back to its past glory. The feature, like its predecessors, will provide easy access to apps and documents, and be fully customizable. It’s arguably one of the most anticipated features built into Windows 10

Yes, like when you had breakfast with each other to start the day !


Microsoft Has Promised Strong Software Support

Microsoft has said that those who are currently running mission-critical applications in Windows 7 or Windows 8 shouldn’t have trouble getting them to work in Windows 10. Microsoft’s upcoming operating system has full support for the vast majority of applications that run on Windows 8, so those who are fearful of losing their app support shouldn’t worry.


Yes, you and first spouse always each other that you would support each other forever.

If You Need a New PC, Now’s the Time to Buy It

Looking for a good reason to go with Windows 10 on launch day? Look no further than the computer that’s sitting in front of you. Consumers and enterprise users around the world have held onto old computers for years in hopes of getting a better operating system. Since they didn’t want to upgrade to Windows 8, they stuck it out with old Windows 7 or even Windows XP boxes. Now, they can upgrade to Windows 10 and finally get some power (and a better operating system) under the hood.

Do what you would have done when you were newly-weds : buy each other a new computer. After all, that is what this whole exercise is about : selling computers.


There’s a Better Browser in Windows 10

Internet Explorer, once the dominant browser in the market, is now going away in favor of Microsoft’s new Edge browser, the product of Project Spartan. All signs now point to the Edge browser being faster than its predecessor and delivering a better design that puts the focus firmly where it belongs: on the Web page. Those who want to finally put an end to Internet Explorer reliance should upgrade to Windows 10 sooner rather than later.

Internet Exployer is already dead ; everybody ditched it for FireFox and Chrome


Microsoft Has Promised Better Security

Microsoft said that Windows 10 will come with all the security features built into Windows 8 that customers would want, including secure booting. But the operating system will add to that with enhanced code fixes. Windows 10 will also address bugs, handle encryption far more effectively and generally provide better security than any previous version of Windows. The operating system is one that security-seekers may find more appealing than previous versions.

Sounds like the « honey, I have to work late » story you used to tell each other


Gamers Have Particular Reasons to Upgrade

The Xbox integration in Windows 10 is the most appealing addition for gamers. The offering will allow users to keep track of their gamer accounts from Windows 10 and see what achievements friends have tallied. But perhaps most importantly, the feature also lets users stream games from the Xbox One to the Windows 10-based PC and play with online gamers, regardless of which device they’re on. Windows 10 comes with a major boost for gamers.

Go back with your first spouse and your children will have no reason to leave the house at age 18. This will be a necessary thing.