Trolley 224, Fort Smith, Arkansas

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number-224-trolley-fort-smith-trolley-museum-fort-smith-arkansasThis  is  Trolley  224  on  display  at  the  Fort  Smith  Trolley  Museum  in  Fort  Smith,  Arkansas.

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When you hear “attack on a computer”, what do you think?


You probably think it’s some guy sitting behind a computer, using the internet to conduct attacks.
What people do not realize is that even if a computer is not connected to the internet, it’s still vulnerable to an attack through the magic of war dialers.
What are war dialers?
War dialers. also known as hammer dialers, are special programs that call some phone number and wait for feedback. If the feedback is received within the first ring, the program knows it’s a computer. Otherwise, it hangs up and dials a different number.
The word war dialing was popularized by the movie War Games. Although most networks nowadays have protection against war dialing, a more modern approach would be a port scan.
Currently Juliar doesn’t support any war dialing (unless someone already created a module for it); however, it does have two operations:
1. Port scanning,
2. Figuring out whether someone…

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Joining The Dots


Pull the wool over the gullible for no reason
You are all I have these days, shake it up and run away
With the night squabbling behind you

From the smoke in your hair to the blood in the bruise
And the bows on the shoes you kicked off
I’m joining the dots…

♬ ♪ joining the dots / Arctic Monkeys 



 perfecto jacket Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans  / polka dot sweat by Eleven Paris (shop & trade) / black jeans by COS / velvet sneakers by Paul Smith 

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Hyperloop One has a short list of cities for its 760-mile-per-hour trains

Above: Hyperloop One’s test site in Las Vegas.

Image Credit: Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One is working on a transportation technology that can make trains go as fast as 760 miles per hour. The company has raised $160 million in several rounds to build the transportation systems that seem like something out of science fiction.

Despite a lawsuit from former high-ranking employees, the company has moved swiftly to add new executives and expand its search for sites where it can build its lightning-fast transportation networks in cities around the world. (The company denied the allegations and countersued the former employees.)

Hyperloop One continues to build out its 100,000-square-foot Metalworks fabrication facility and 137-acre Apex test and safety site in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Construction of the company’s full-system development loop is underway as Hyperloop One prepares for its “Kitty Hawk moment” in the first quarter of 2017.

Last week, during CES 2017, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas, I met with Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop One. We talked about the company’s global challenge contest to find the world’s best Hyperloop routes. The list is now down to 35 possible projects around the world, and some cities such as Dubai are actively pursuing approvals.

More than 2,600 proposals were registered in five months, and the semifinalists come from 17 countries. A handful of finalists will be named by May. Lloyd and I talked about that process, as well as what Hyperloop transportation will mean for society in the future.

See an interview with Rob Lloyd by DEAN TAKAHASHI@DEANTAK

We are particularly interested in one of HYPEROOP ONE’s 35 FINALISTS: “The Muhammad Ali Hyperlink”

Designed to provide high speed trannsportation between Louisville and Chicago. It fills a void that AMTRAK has not been able to.


Anybody building into Chicago will have a big problem in finding space. As a sensible alternative, We suggested that the new railroad start instead at the Gary/Chicago International Airport. It is already served by the “South Shore” railroad which has a great terminal in downtown Chicago. Gary Airport is receiving Federal funding from Dept. of Transportation and South Shore railroad is receiving State/local funding for expansion.

Very recently Hyperloop One, announced that « cargo will be implemented before passengers ».

We anticipated this with the selection of Gary, Indiana (at the international airport) as our Northern Terminal. Of course passengers will still transfer to the South Shore commuter line operated by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District. But operating on the same right-of-way is the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad. It provides freight service between Chicago and South Bend. It has important connections to the Indiana Harbor Railroad, Norfolk Southern, CSX Corporation. It is also connected to the in-formation Great Lakes Basin Transportation. It proposes to construct a new railroad line around the metropolitan Chicago area. The purpose of the new railroad is to expedite freight movements across the nation and to provide additional capacity for growing railroad traffic.


I have heard so much aboutSoap & Glory products, thanks to a lot of late night YouTube watching which got me too curious, especially when the youtuber shares the goodness of this product. To those of you who have not heard about this product, let me enlighten you. Soap & Glory is a British beauty brand that makes Bath & Body, Skincare and Cosmetics.

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