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Statue of Liberty replica in Nice, France


Dedication of the new “Promenade de Paillon


Our favorite restaurant in Nice: La Canne à Sucre

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Alternative to SCM Control Towers


Is a Supply Chain Management Control Tower the only way to go? What issues are not yet solved with our current thoughts on SCM Control Towers? Are we looking at some type of a “Commercial Network” instead; or are looking at “SCM Control Tower 2?” In any event, there is a requirement for further automation of the process.
What are some of the drawbacks with our current implementation strategy?

  1. The “network” that is required for visibility sometimes requires lower-tier suppliers, public warehouses, wholesalers, etc. to “log in” to several different networks (one for each “important” SCM Control Tower they deal with. We need a simple, reusable network approach to bring everyone into the tower. The solution lies in B2B Networks (VAN2). Extremely time critical communications could be accomplished by “texting” selected members of the Control Tower community, then following up with an EDI message.
  2. Is there too much dependence on humans making decisions? Cannot some of the decisions being made be better automated? Can’t we use “decision support” technology to build automated responses at the back end of system?

Read more: http://www.ec-bp.com/index.php/advisors/ec-bps-bloggers/10393-alternative-to-scm-control-tower#ixzz2uKNv6Rkg


Why You Should Dump Wal-Mart


‘m not in the “market”, I got “cured” in 1988. But when I was, I only got into stocks that I felt good about: Caterpillar, Bell Helicopter, General Telephone.

Wal-Mart  got a lot of attention this holiday shopping season, but not in the way they were hoping. Even as they made headlines for opening on Thanksgiving Day, a photo of bins at a Wal-Mart store collecting canned goods from employees to be given to other impoverished employees called attention to the low (some would say, “starvation”) wages Wal-Mart pays. 

Add to this some high-profile Twitter skirmishes and Internet memes implying that taxpayers are footing the bill for Wal-Mart’s low wages, and the world’s largest retailer looked less like Santa and more like Scrooge. 

In light of all this, should you dump your Wal-Mart shares? And what if you want exposure to the retail sector, but with a clear conscience?  Does any other company stack up?

Check emotion at the door
There’s no shortage of businesses that make their money in ways that might turn an investor’s stomach. Altria (formerly Philip Morris) is just one example. In some cases, these stocks underperform the market, but often they produce outstanding returns.

It just goes to show that one’s moral compass isn’t the best tool in an investor’s arsenal.  So should you avoid buying shares of a company you detest? 

Well, ultimately that’s up to you, but I’m a big proponent of the theory that an investor should be proud to own the businesses he or she holds stock in.  And you really can’t be proud of a business you find icky. 

Ideally, an investor keeps emotion out of picking stocks to avoid making emotional, as opposed to rational, decisions about trading. And if every time you look at a stock, a shiver runs up your spine, you’re having an emotional reaction. Which means you may end up selling the stock too soon or ignoring a gut instinct to sell by misidentifying it as your usual aversion to the stock. Bottom line: if a company makes you sick, stay far away from its products and its stock. 

Who measures up
Okay, but what about Wal-Mart? There’s no question it’s an investment that’s done pretty well over the past decade, especially during the recession–but as you can see, lately it’s not only been underpaying its employees, but underperforming the market too:

Buy Costco and Target instead.

Corrado’s Goal Gives Utica Comets The Edge


  • Defenseman Frankie Corrado scored early in the third period to grab the lead and the Utica Comets held it the rest of the way to defeat the Binghamton Senators 3-2 Saturday in Binghamton.
  • It was the fourth straight victory and fourth by a single goal for the Comets, 11-3-1-1 in their last 16 games and 22-23-3-4 overall for 51 points. The win left them either six or eight points out the last playoff spot in the American Hockey League’s Western Conference pending the outcome of Saturday’s Milwaukee-Rockford game.

    The Comets have scored a modest 40 goals over the last 16 games but have allowed just 34.

    The win over the high-scoring Senators (33-16-1-3), who had won four in a row, was the second in as many nights on the Comets’ weekend tour of Upstate New York. They won 2-1 in overtime in Syracuse on Friday. They complete the series at 3 p.m. Sunday in Albany,

    Read more: http://www.uticaod.com/article/20140222/Sports/140229745#ixzz2u8Px9rnC

DeFazio Wins It In Overtime for Utica Comets Hockey


Brandon DeFazio scored at 4:02 of overtime to give the Utica Comets a 2-1 American Hockey League victory over the Syracuse Crunch in front of a capacity crowd of 6,380 Friday at the Onondaga War Memorial in Syracuse.

Our New York State Tourist Page


YES! Traveling to New York State? Check out our New York State Tourist WebSite.

We just added some new and interesting things about Albany. Start with a story about how bobsledding originated in Albany. Makes it the only Olympic sport started by the USA. The pictures above are from Albany too:

Automotive Supply Chain Connections


In designing Supply Chain Control Towers, we have been heavily concerned with visibility into outsourced and/or offshore finished products suppliers. But the Manufacturing function itself depends on it’s own critical parts suppliers. We have to realize that success is more than just assuming Manufacturing’s ERP/MRP will handle everything for us. Let’s take a look at the automotive industry and what it takes to create an integrated manufacturing process.

What do we mean by integration? It starts with complete visibility both up and down the manufacturing path. This path must be solid as a rock, high speed and able to support CAD/CAM as well as EDI.

Pelletier, Comets penalty kill gives Utica hard-fought AHL win


Pascal Pelletier scored the game-winning goal with 34 seconds left, and the Utica Comets killed off eight of nine Toronto Marlies penalties to earn a hard-fought 2-1 win in an American Hockey League game Sunday in Toronto.

Read more: http://www.uticaod.com/article/20140216/Sports/140219370#ixzz2tZ8vUKxR

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OpenText has agreed to continue exchanging data with Loren Data and has rescinded the disconnection.

The ability to set up new partnerships will resume immediately and data will continue to flow uninterrupted.

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Todd Gould
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Utica Comets Edge Rochester Amerks in a “Playoff Style” Game Before A Full House


It was a 2 to 1 American Hockey League victory.

The Comets are 19-23-3-4 for 45 points, and are 19-15-2-3 since opening the season with a 10-game winless streak that is making every game over the last third of the season very, very important.

The win came on the heels of a 7-3 Friday loss to the Amerks in Rochester, which had won 10 of its previous 13 games. The Amerks had won six of eight games against Utica before last night and had outscored the Comets 18-6 in the last three meetings.

Read more: http://www.uticaod.com/article/20140215/Sports/140219410#ixzz2tTR2HL80