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Passenger Train Services Can And Does Make Money


By Noel T. Braymer

What does most of the rest of the world know, that most Americans don’t? It’s that rail passenger service is valuable for their economy. Most of the major long distance rail passenger services around the world operate at a profit. Often there is competition between companies willing to pay to secure a franchise in order to run passenger trains and make money. This includes high speed rail service. It’s not just running the trains that makes money. In San Diego an unnamed private investor just bought the downtown 102 year old Santa Fe Depot which is San Diego’s train station. Why would this person do this? Because it was a good investment, in other words to make money. Since the expansion of Los Angeles to San Diego rail passenger service in the late 1970’s from 3 round trips to 6, passenger traffic has increased. Today 12…

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Douglas Munro, Coast Guard Hero – Intermission Story (24)

Pacific Paratrooper

Painting of Doug Munro providing support from his LCP, by Bernard D’Andrea

The United States Coast Guard was founded on a tradition of taking small boats into dangerous conditions to save lives. This skill made Coast Guard coxswains an indispensable part of the Pacific Theater  and Smitty would whole-heartedly agree.  Coast Guardsmen proved their worth time and time again as they expertly handled small landing craft in and out of almost any situation. No man better exemplifies this prowess than Douglas A. Munro.

Signalman 1st Class, Douglas Munro

Born in Vancouver in 1919, Douglas Munro attended Cle Elum High School in Washington state.  He attended the Central Washington College of Education for a year before enlisting in the Coast Guard in 1939. He spent his first two years on board the Cutter Spencer,  a 327-foot Treasury-class cutter which patrolled out of New York, and later Boston.

While on the Spencer

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By the Mighty Mumford

He’s started his display,

simple at the start…

He’s yet to find a Santa’s sleigh

but one Cam be bought!

A circle of cardboard,

Traced from the table top…

A hole cut for the central screw

In case we want it off!

Will paint  the cardboard white,

Use baking soda snow…

Lay the track to run right

And test for a week or so!

Gathering items right now

to place in a village square…

Next year, maybe a lit carousel

And wood smoke in the air!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Quartermaster Corps – Intermission Story (23)

Pacific Paratrooper

I am always remarking on how the military operates as one large chain with every job having an important role in the smooth operations.  Most people concentrate on the front line combat soldier, sailor or Marine and forget what it all must take to not only put him/her there, but to keep their mission in operating condition.

The U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps was responsible for procuring and delivering various supplies to units in all those theaters. No other area proved to be more challenging than the war in the Pacific Theater with its lengthy supply lines.

The first step in the Quartermasters’ duties was procurement, which required more than simply calculating user needs and filling out the correct requisitions. Overcoming numerous hurdles, corpsmen were responsible for making victory possible. Their obstacles started on the home front, where shortages of all basic supplies originated. Further complicating matters was the fact that…

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