Connecticut leaders hop on board New England Central Railroad upgrades

Top Connecticut lawmakers and leaders joined transportation officials in Willimantic, for the groundbreaking of a grant to upgrade New England railroad infrastructure.

Congressman Joe Courtney, Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Senator Chris Murphy, joined Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner James Redeker and officials from the New England Central Railroad (NECR), a subsidiary of Darien-based Genesee & Wyoming Inc., for a groundbreaking in Willimantic to highlight the U.S. Department of Transportation TIGER grant awarded to upgrade rail infrastructure to accommodate modern freight rail carloads up to 286,000 lbs.

Approximately fifty people joined together along the NECR main line to recognize the importance of this project for the economy of Connecticut. Attendees were a diverse mix of local industry managers and governmental officials, local and regional economic development officials, and representatives from the Federal Railroad Administration. After several speeches by attending officials, the group watched as a NECR freight train broke through a ceremonial banner across the main line.

“The federal TIGER funding I helped secure for proved critical in the effort to leverage matching funds from private industry in order to get this project underway,” said Courtney. “After the rail line upgrades are completed, it will greatly expand the freight capacity of the eastern Connecticut rail network. That is an enormous increase from the current capacity and will allow the Port of New London to greatly expand the amount of freight cargo that can be shipped in and sent out by rail across the region. This development is bound to expand industry and create new jobs across eastern Connecticut as shipping expands. I want to thank the U.S. Department of Transportation, ConnDOT and the New England Central Rail for their continuing commitment to getting this done. “

“This substantial TIGER investment will bring the New England Central Railroad into the 21st century— creating new jobs and increasing shipping capacities from Vermont to New London,” said Blumenthal. “These critical upgrades will bring enormous benefits to local economies in Connecticut, all while reducing transportation costs, increasing rail safety, and allowing companies to grow. I will continue to fight for federal resources that will help support and improve Connecticut’s transportation system.”

“Today is a great day for Eastern Connecticut. Our previous freight rail system was ineffective and cumbersome,” said Murphy. “This public-private funding partnership made possible by the TIGER grant I was proud to help secure will make necessary upgrades to our rail infrastructure, opening doors to new economic growth-and most importantly, new jobs.”

New England Central Railroad President David Ebbrecht said: “The TIGER VII grant will make a significant improvement in freight transportation in Connecticut. It will make movement of goods to and from the Port of New London and the numerous communities along the line more efficient and help Connecticut industry better compete in national and world markets. The New England Central Railroad greatly appreciates all of the support provided for this grant by elected federal and state officials led by Congressman Joe Courtney, Connecticut DOT under the direction of Commissioner James Redeker, U.S. Department of Transportation and all of the communities and customers served by the railroad in the state.”

Always Where Under Where

Cynthia Reyes - Author of "A Good Home" & "An Honest House"

Blog Photo Underwear - NYPL Digital Collection Credit: New York Public Library

I hear it was national underwear day recently.  

Which made me think of this saying likely made up by mischievous students forced to study Latin: Semper ubi sub ubi.  “Always where under where”. 


A friend told me that when he started studying Latin in school, all his other grades shot up. Why? Well, think about it.

Whether it’s English literature or any of the Latin-based languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and some Romanian), words that hadn’t made sense before, suddenly did. Then there’s biology, botany, chemistry, law, etc… lots of Latin words.

Many countries, schools and other institutions have Latin words in their motto. My high school’s motto was Sic Luceat Lux: Let your light so shine. And Canada’s motto is A Mari Usque Ad Mare: From Sea to Sea.


Think how many Latin terms are still in common usage: 

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U.S. transportation chief Foxx sees high-speed rail construction in California

Anthony Foxx, accompanied by California state Transportation Secretary Brian Kelly and Jeff Morales, CEO of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, toured several of the sites in Fresno and Madera counties where major construction is underway on the first stages of the statewide bullet-train project.

Those included a 1,600-foot-long viaduct to carry the high-speed tracks above the Fresno River, Highway 145 and Raymond Road east of Madera; a new bridge and elevated tracks across the San Joaquin River and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks at the Fresno-Madera county line near Highway 99; and the new Tuolumne Street bridge over the future high-speed tracks in downtown Fresno.

More than $3 billion from the Obama administration – much of it from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – is being used for work in the Valley.

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In my last post during discussion about the ” unconditional love ” i have come accrosed beautiful thought to sustain unconditional love and make it immortal beyond time and space.

Couple of bloggers have appreciated the post and raised the concern that it becomes difficult to sustain unconditional love when recevier at the other end is not acknowledging our true unconditional love. This condition for unconditional love has forced me to thought about it and during reply one of the previous post comment i come across beautiful analogy to full fill the sustainablilty issue of being unconditional no matter what ever may be the situation out side in this physical world. Our notion of unconditional love remains eternal.

I really regard and respect the perspective , said absolutely in right spirit , Holding on to the situation where there is no positive response or acknowledgement from the other end when…

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“Either life is never tough, or it is ever tough”.

I found everyone struggling with life from student to retired ones . Working women to house maker people are stressed. Instead of enjoying life, people are suffering and having no idea how to encounter the problems of life.

Statement at top is contradictory to each other .Life is never tough for those who understand the ever changing mode of every thing around us. Life is changing consistently. When a woman conceive and give a birth to a infant, within womb and even after delivery of a baby moment by moment, along with the time child grows as younger kid and then teenager , adult , matured , and then finally become old and eventually die then cycle repeats itself.

Change happens on such a subtle level and consistently that we are almost unaware about the fact that everything around us…

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Website Expansion!


website expansion

Hello followers, viewers, bloggers, family, & friends.

I have some exciting news, and I’m sharing it with you right now.

After many months of blogging—which has been amazing and beyond my expectations, by the way—I have made the decision to… *drumroll*… EXPAND MY SITE!

Yes, you read that right! I am expanding my website. If you’re wondering what exactly that entails, let me explain.

What I should first lay out there is that I plan to continue blogging. (You may now let out a sigh of relief!) I am fortunate enough to have met a great deal of writers throughout the blogosphere who I have appreciated comments and feedback from, as well as found enjoyment in reading their posts. I will also carry on with my lifestyle, positivity, & open-ended theme, so you can still expect a wide variety of reads.

So, what IS changing, then?

Instead of limiting myself…

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What Is Good Rail Passenger Service?


By Noel T, Braymer

Good service runs the gambit from basic to extraordinary. At its most basic level, rail passenger service should pick up people near where they are and take them where they want to go, when they want to go and bring them back when and where they want. We have a long way to go to fulfill that basic level of service in this Country. Las Vegas, Phoenix, Nashville,Louisville and Columbus are all major cities without rail passenger service. As of now Palm Springs, Tucson and Houston have rail passenger service: 3 times a week. To get more people to ride the train, you need to provide rail service when and where people want to travel. If a person needs to be somewhere by 9 AM and the nearest a train arrives is at 9:15 AM, train travel is not a viable option.

Frequent rail service is…

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