So Where Is The SNOW? Is A White Christmas on the Way ?

Pictured above is the snow plow (in French:  Chasse-Neige) that belongs to the Chemin de Fer de Provence railroad that runs between Nice, France and Digne. It is parked quietly on the turntable in Annot (midway between the two cities) just waiting for the dispatcher to call a crew.


Isola 12-17-15 at 02.16 PMAbove is the reason: this in noted ski resort ISOLA 2000. The trails and slopes have man-made snow, BUT look at the top of the mountains.

Same conditions in North America. Lots of railroad snow equipment just sitting and waiting on a quiet track waiting for a dispatcher to call a crew.

Cities and railroads are ready. But AccuWeather thinks no White Christmas.

the weather pattern is dashing the hopes of many for a white Christmas this year.

Due to the strong El Niño unfolding, many places that typically have a good chance of seeing snow on Christmas Day will miss out this holiday.

This includes the East Coast I-95 cities, where meteorologists say chances are slim.

“There’s just not going to be enough cold air to support accumulating snow,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Anderson said.

In the meantime, we have a good WebSite or two where you can see a lot about railroads with snow!!!


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