Marlin McDaniel and the Power Plant Mongoose

Power Plant Men

Originally Posted November 30, 2012:

Marlin McDaniel caught my interest when he mentioned that he had a pet Mongoose in his office. The only actual experience I had with a Mongoose had to do with a set of Hot Wheels that my brother and I had as kids. In 1968 shortly after Hot Wheels came out, they had a pair of Hot Wheel cars that was advertised on TV. Don “Snake” Prudhomme or Tom “Mongoose” McEwen. Which do you want to be?

My brother and I had this pair of Hot Wheels. the Snake and the Mongoose My brother and I had this pair of Hot Wheels. the Snake and the Mongoose

Somehow I didn’t think Marlin McDaniel was talking about a fancy Matchbox car. Especially since he said he kept it in a cage under his desk. I knew the plant grounds was designated as a wildlife preserve, but at that time in my career, I thought that just meant that there were a…

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China approves $9.2 billion Winter Olympics high-speed rail line – local government

I once wrote about using high-speed trains to facilitate a joint Winter Olympics in Montréal and Lake Placid

Never thought of spending $9.2 billion.

China has approved plans for a 58.41 billion yuan (5.97 billion pounds) high-speed rail project which will be used during the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, a local government said on Monday.

The 174 kilometre-long railway, which will connect Beijing with the northern city of Zhangjiakou in Hebei province, will be constructed over a four-and-a-half year period and will be able to ferry 60 million people annually, according to the post on the Zhangjiakou Development and Reform Commission’s website.

Beijing beat Kazakhstan’s Almaty in July to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, making it the first city to be awarded both the summer and winter Games.