Late Adopters of EDI Are Just In Time To Benefit

EDI is the standard format for order processing and tracking in the retail industry. While every major retailer has adopted its use there are plenty of smaller and midsized retailers who haven’t yet got onboard. Fortunately for these companies it isn’t too late to start.
All the groundwork has been laid by retailers and EDI service providers, and the path has been trampled over the years so that newcomers will find a smooth road to implementation. Here are three areas that can be leveraged by retailers making the move to electronic order processing.

Ease of startup
Thanks to the advent of cloud computing and robust Internet connections, a retailer can establish a contract with an EDI service provider who will provide all the software, connectivity, and setup. This is very different from the days when the first order of business was to buy a computer and software specifically dedicated to processing EDI transactions. That purchase also meant dedicating time and personnel to learning the details of converting the EDI transactions to match their own ERP system.

Suppliers are already there

Visibility Awaits

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