Let’s Make Bernie Sanders Our President

“I am on board with Bernie 100% for all the reasons others have stated.  Will he get the nomination?  The experts say no, Hillary will.  Perhaps they are right.

What I am going on and what I would recommend to any so inclined is this:  True liberals and progressives have been wishing and praying for someone exactly like Bernie for years, decades even.  Well, be careful what you pray for because you might get it.  Here he is, folks, just what we said we wanted.  To not support him now would mean either we didn’t know what we were asking for, or at least didn’t really mean it.  Yes, the most important thing is to get a Dem in the White house, and secondarily be concerned about who that Dem is.  Agreed.  But the more that people get behind Bernie now, the more the party leaders will have to acknowledge the importance of his thoughts and ideals.  It should be made clear to them that if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, they had better put some Bernie planks in the national platform or face the real possibility of a split off Green party which IMO would seriously damage the Dems for the foreseeable future.  So hopefully Bernie’s run will make a difference in the Party so that every single one of the Bernie supporters can get behind the final nominee and put them in office.  I am budgeting my time and money accordingly.

As the local head of the Orange County Democrats, an old highly experienced political operative said, “In the primaries, you fall in love.  In the general election, you fall in line.”