Outsourcing Compliance Optimization

All suppliers, including the ones who communicate in a clear and timely fashion, and who consistently deliver on time, need to be monitored. Compliance optimization, which includes tracking and identifying performance issues and communicating issues to suppliers, pays off for both parties. When supply chain problems are identified at a detailed level, addressed, and fixed, the retailer-supplier partnership benefits. It becomes more efficient and more profitable.


It’s important to keep the profitable payoff in mind because the amount of data generated by the monitoring process is enormous. Documentation, delivery status, and shipments are just the tip of an info iceberg that simply overwhelms the efforts of mere mortals to review (much less fix) using traditional tools like spreadsheets. Multifarious issues that can potentially occur at just about any point in the fulfillment process are best addressed in real time.


But real-time monitoring of “big data” is beyond the means of most retail organizations. Analyzing and reporting on supply chain performance in real time requires specialized data-processing structures that go far beyond those available on the consumer level.
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