Taverns, or ordinaries, were one of the pillars of life in the colonial villages that dotted the Chesapeake Bay shoreline in the early days of our country. These establishments were woven into the very fabric of a community’s economic, political, and social activity. Typically situated at busy crossroads, ordinaries served both locals and travelers. The tavern owner also often functioned as postmaster, real estate agent, auctioneer, arbitrator, and referee.

The Maryland colony began licensing ordinaries in 1658, but there were any number of taverns and ordinaries operating around the Eastern Shore by this time. In fact, it’s likely the first tavern in what would become the state of Maryland was located in the long-gone bay-side village of Broad Creek on Kent Island, dating back to the 1630’s or 1640’s.

The Chesapeake region was known for its home-cooking and hospitality for generations, up to and through the Civil War Era. In…

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From those that were there… (5)

A very fascinating story!

Pacific Paratrooper

American helmet, grenade rifle & flag taken by a Japanese photographer, April 1942 American helmet, grenade rifle & flag taken by a Japanese photographer, April 1942

William Burton Clark – US Army, Staff Sergeant/ New Mexico National Guard/200th Coast Artillery

William Burton Clark William Burton Clark

Mr. Clark was at Clark Airfield when the Japanese attacked 8 December 1941 manning his 3-inch antiaircraft gun and spent 33 months as a POW.  In his Veterans History Project audio, he gave a 92 minute interview.  He spoke of the attack of Pearl, as seen from the Philippines, appeared to be a conspiracy.  In his talk of the trek to San Fernando, “I went down on that march and 2 angels picked me up.  At the camp, a grave detail of 250 men worked every morning.”

Ralph Levenburg – from Clinton, Iowa – US Army Air Corps/17th Pursuit Squadron –

Ralph Levenberg Ralph Levenberg

“When the surrender came on April 9, everyone accepted that as a relief – until it soaked…

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Love & Money: Is There Balance In Your Relationship?


”Love is worth so much more than money. There are so many people who are filthy rich but have nobody to genuinely love them. Unconditional love is priceless”

Love is a naturally free-flowing expression of deep affection – as long as you keep money out of it. You know how hard it is to keep love alive. All of those steps and starts of a relationship are crazy making. When you add money issues, smooth seas can whip into an angry tsunami. Which begs the question: When money gets in the way of love, what can you do about it?

When problems first arise, you must ask, “What is my relationship to money?” Money can carry a lot of meaning for most people and it tends to be an edgy subject. Not having enough creates worries. For some people, having too much is worse. What does money mean to you?

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patty montague collier Russell Montague and my mom Margaret Montague

I recently had an opportunity to interview Margaret Montague and her daughter Patty Collier. Margaret, along with her husband Russell, managed the Grasonville, Maryland Stuckey’s from 1979 until it closed eleven years later.

Margaret and Russell grew up in Virginia. They met while she was still in high school. They were working together at a gas station when an opportunity came their way. Patty says three or four different sets of her aunts and uncles were working for Stuckey’s at the time, and word came down that a franchise owner named Groom was looking for help managing his store in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. Margaret says she told him, “If you treat me right and don’t holler at me we’ll get along fine, otherwise you can forget it.”

Mr. Groom must have not been a hollerer.

The Montagues and their four daughters managed that store for almost 20 years before a bypass…

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Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS

Free Rangering

Allegheny Portage Railroad is a result of Pennsylvania’s desire to stay relevant in trade and an ingenious way to cross the Allegheny mountains before steam engines were powerful enough to make it through.  With the rise of Canal trade after the completion of the Erie Canal, Pennsylvania scrambled to compete and shorten the 23 day wagon trip from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh.  The Portage is a series of 10 inclines that that carry canal boats up and over the mountains, porting them all the way down to the to the other side so they could float their way to Pittsburgh shortening the trip from Philly to 4 days.  Here is a diagram from the exhibit:map APRR

The visit begins with a movie, and a pretty good one.  It is told in the first person and has great canal footage of boats actually utilizing a canal including the use of tow mulefurs Allegheny RRs. …

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Thursday Doors – Railroad Doors

No Facilities

Main doors to the station.

If I know my regular readers, they’ve been expecting this post. Initially, I thought I’d hang on to it until winter and surprise you with a blast from the past set of bright sunny summer doors. I can’t. I just can’t. I see these photos in my folders and I just want to share them.

I am pretty sure that I’m not the only blogger who struggles with wanting to write a blog post about an event or a place, but also wanting to show off the door photos that were collected. It’s made even harder now that our loved ones, our friends and even some of our coworkers are looking out for doors for us. Each significant visit generates two posts. The good news is that, since the story about New England Railway Museum was recently told, I can let you off the hook…

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If We Were Having A(nother) Beer

No Facilities

This visit to the bar is also part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series, Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Yours truly is filling in for Linda today, and our assignment was:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ooooh, aaaah,”. Use it as a phrase, or break it apart. And since I love bonus points, bonus points if you somehow manage to start and end with all or part. That’s about it, oh yeah, I almost forgot – Enjoy!

“Ooooh, just the man I was hoping to see.”

“Was this in doubt? I mean, I’m usually here on Saturday.”

“Well, you’ve been mixing it up a lot, I thought maybe you were changing your routine.”

“Dan? Change his routine? $10 says he asks me for a Yuengling.”

“No bet, Cheryl, he is a creature of habit.”

“I am, and I will have a Yuengling, and I don’t…

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Memorial Day 2017

An important day in our lives

Pacific Paratrooper



Should you care to see Memorial Day posts from past years ____

Michael’s Tree – planted by Lavinia & Rick Ross in honor of my son, Michael USMC.


2015(1) and 2015 (2)




Farewell Salutes –

Jacob Baboian – Watertown, MA; US Army, WWII, ETO

Thomas Coughlin – Portland, OR; US Army, WWII, Corps of Engineers

Lamar Day – Salt Lake City, UT; US Navy, WWWII, PTO, USS John Pope

Edward Flora – Mishawaka, IN; US Army Air Corps, WWII, A/674th Artillery/11th Airborne Division

Earle Garlinger – Roswell, NM; US Army Air Corps, WWII, (Ret. 21 years)

Harold Kline – Charlotte, NC; US Army Air Corps, WWII, ETO, 737th/454/15th Air Force

James O’Leary – Manchester, NH; USMC, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Cuban Missile Crisis

Michael Sadlo – Hollywood, FL; USMC, Pfc

Everett Smith – Broad Channel, NY; US Army…

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Winter Travels

Bella Green

I’ve been extremely lucky this year to have already gone on two holidays. Visiting new places and doing new things is really important to me. There is a whole world out there with different food, buildings, history, scenery and lifestyle that should be experienced.

For the past two Christmases me and my sister have not bought each other a present, but instead booked a long weekend away. Last year we went to Budapest and this January we visited Warsaw.

In Warsaw we stayed in the most amazing apartment (Old Town Snug), we arrived quite late and the apartment owner Chris had stayed up to welcome us and give us a great overview of what to do in the city. I’d definitely recommend staying at Old Town Snug if you were to visit Warsaw, it was great value for money, in the best location and the facilities were top…

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Ainsley Louise

As fashion “month” has come to an end, I do my traditional sit on Vogue and look at every show. When it comes to fashion month, Paris is always the one that gets me excited because it’s got all the big brands. I thought instead of talking about all the shows I loved to myself, I would share them all in a blog post.

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