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Happy anniversary Utica Union Station, but I won’t sing to you


So this is Utica Union Station’s 100th anniversary year, as I read on the Phyllis Zimmerman blog. Happy anniversary, Union Station! In her case, what she is really celebrating are her own memories of the landmark and character and perseverance of Utica and its people. Union Station is especially a testament of the later, considering how it barely escaped demolition in the mid-1970s. Things have only gotten better since then.

Some images above from the Kingly Heirs WebSite

Some great sites to find out the history of the stations from. No use me repeating something already well written

New York Railroads History

History from the Mohawk Valley Chapter of the NRHS

Union Station: 100 years of history, memories

  • Union Station has withstood the test of time, through deterioration that threatened its demolition, the decline of rail use and its multiple renovations. It typically sees about 195,000 people pass through annually. And this year, the multi-use station celebrates its 100th anniversary.

History of Union Station by the “other” railroad that uses it now: The Adirondack Railroad

An article from Empire State Future

Monumental Union Station anchors Utica’s past…and future

utica college documentary about Union Station

Find out about accomplishments and Fairpromise

 Way back when, Utica had three railroads besides the New York Central. Until 1957 these three railroads ran through, and crossed each other in the South Utica/New Hartford area: Ontario & WesternDelaware, Lackawanna & Western, and West Shore (really a part of New York Central). Even the municipal borders varied. Until 1925, what is now South Utica was a part of the town of New Hartford. See the full story on the three other railroads of Utica, New York


How did one get to the Pentagon in 1944?


Recently, an author writing a book asked us how his “character” would have gone by train from Chicago to the Pentagon in 1944.The Pennsylvania Railroad (and all other railroads entering Washington DC) used Union Station. The formerly huge rail yard near the Pentagon, “Pot Yard”, was freight-only.

We took a look at DC Transit map and nothing shows as going across to the Pentagon. 1958 and 1944 are identical. This was the main trolley provider in DC. I confirmed this with .

Took a look at another map.

and found an interurban line that crosses the river at Arlington Junction and connects with DC Transit. So their MIGHT have been a rail route. But these interurbans were “on their knees” after the Depression and could not gear up to adequately serve the Pentagon. More discussion on topic:

I’m guessing the Army (did they control the Pentagon before there was a Department of Defense???) set up some bus routes. Probably a bus stop and a desk at Union Station?

Know the answer? Please comment.

See “Rails Around the Nation’s Capital”. A collection of articles about Railroads and Transit in and around Washington DC. Metro, Virginia Railway Express and Maryland DOT are covered. Also the Washington Terminal Railroad and other small railroads that were once a part of Washington.