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A New United States President!

In one of the biggest political surprises in modern history, Donald J. Trump will be the 45th US president after a shock victory over his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton. The Republican candidate declared victory after unexpectedly winning several key swing states, including Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Trumps victory came in the wake of consistent polling predicting a Clinton win. Mr Trump’s victory in Wisconsin put him over the 270 out of 538 electoral college votes needed to win the White House. The US president-elect took to the stage at his victory rally in New York and said: “I just received a call from Secretary Clinton. She congratulated us on our victory. The real estate tycoon, reality TV star and political novice, was universally ridiculed when he declared his candidacy in June last year. Trump said his victory had been “tough”. Mr Trump will take office in January with both houses of Congress fully under Republican control as Democrats were unable to wrest control of the Senate. He also received congratulations from Russian leader Vladimir Putin hoping the two countries will improve their relationship.

All about trains run for the President of the United States (POTUS)


(Photo above is President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934.

FDR in Washington in 1934 from National Archives

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Obama traces Lincoln’s path to his Inauguration

January 17, 2009 President Elect Obama takes an Amtrak charter train from Philadelphia to Washington. He stops in Delaware to pick up Joe Biden, the Vice President Elect.

His train was led by P42s 44 and 120. How symbolic the lead is 44! I would not put it past someone in Amtrak to track down that unit and have it for the train 44 is for the 44Th President.. (we knew that) 120 is January 20…. Inauguration date Wow…If that is the case, then MAJOR kudos to the folks responsible. Very cool. Wonder if the media will pick up on it…

Obama rode in a private car, Georgia 300, which was hooked on the end of several Amfleet cars holding guests and media.

The pilot train had a track inspection and the Corridor Clipper, which is used to inspect the catenary.

Trailing train has engines 71 and 77 with Amtrak business car Beech Grove.


Here’s Harry Truman at the Army Navy football game. A friend sent me picture, but omitted details. By the overhead wires it looks like Philadelphia.
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Why do Presidents of the United States always make land journeys of any distance by rail? (question asked in 1942)

Since the days of Zachary Taylor, every President of the United States has made all land journeys of any considerable distance by rail. This is because the railway passenger train is by far the safest and most reliable mode of travel. Moreover, it affords an opportunity to rest and sleep in comfort and without unnecessary fatigue. With its spaciousness and cleanliness, with its dining car, sleeping compartments, and with facilities for holding conferences, dictating speeches, entertaining guests and so on, the railway passenger train provides comforts and conveniences which no other mode of transportation offers.

A Sad Train Order (New York Central)