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How About A Cable Car In Nice, France?

The possibility of a cable car system to link Nice to the surrounding hills has been discussed again. The project would dramatically reduce traffic in the city and allow the council to scrap a number of bus services currently carrying passengers from the hilly suburbs into the town. The idea has been raised before and is still only at the early stage of discussions. The mayor says that he’s not against the idea in principle but many more studies need to be carried out and if it goes ahead the cable car system would need a much bigger electricity supply than can currently be provided.

Shown above is the cable car system in Grenoble, France

Mayor Estrosi, here is a suggestion for you:

The Dutch Railway Could Run Solely On Wind Power By 2018


Oregon Tourists Enjoyed La Canne à Sucre in Nice, France

La Canne à Sucre in Nice, France (on the Promenade des Anglais at the corner of rue du Congres) is known as the friendliest restaurant in Nice.

La Canne à Sucre
La Canne à Sucre

Shown enjoying the great food are Oregon tourists Jan Haverly and Vicki Swain. They had a great dinner too.

They stayed in Nice on the way from Italy to Spain.

La Canne à Sucre
La Canne à Sucre

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Historic Bus 205 Rides The Streets of Nice

Above, the historic bus is running Route 23.

As well as history buffs, this bus carries  regular passengers. Some are surprised to see it. Bus is equipped with an electronic fare box to make them feel at home.

Several times a year, historic buses roam around Nice, France. Below see him rolling past La Canne à Sucre on Route 8


September 2014 Bus 205 passes La Canne à Sucre
September 2014 Bus 205 passes La Canne à Sucre

Bus 205 atop Mont Boron. Note the porch on the back
Bus 205 atop Mont Boron. Note the porch on the back


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ImageOn June 14, 2014, Nice Matin surveyed the major bars in Nice, France and awarded the maximum score of five “trophies” for its screens. And it’s more than deserved as La Canne à Sucre flies over the competition with its twenty televisions of all sizes. However, it was clear that this abundance does not ensure a crazy atmosphere. Thursday night it was very quiet. Wedged comfortably in leather seats or bucket seats, customers were in the bar like being at home. This may have its charm. It is, however, probable that the atmosphere will be different on a game night.
60 seats interior and 30 exterior
04 93 87 19 35

11 Promenade des Anglais

See more about La Canne à Sucre on our Nice, France Sports Page


Historical Jean Moulin Home For Sale In Nice France


We have talked about Jean Moulin, the hero of the French WW2 Resistance, before. We even have a full article on Jean Moulin. No WebSite or email on the sign, just phone number: 04 93 82 97 96 (outside France: +33 4 93 82 97 96)

Well now his old “apartment” at 22 rue de France is for sale! Saw a sign yesterday from Pietonne Immobiliere in Nice (just down the street at 15 rue de France). Yes, they have a WebSite

Lots of changes to Vacation French Riviera WebSite


In anticipation of summertime, we are adding more cool stuff to www.vacationfrenchriviera.com


Statue of Liberty replica in Nice, France


Dedication of the new “Promenade de Paillon


Our favorite restaurant in Nice: La Canne à Sucre

Lastly, see below for some pictures from CARNIVAL



In France, Tram work started on Nice Line 2 – October 16, 2013


Tram work started in Nice today on Line 2 –  building work began this morning on a second tram line in Nice, France. Crossing the town from east to west, it’s supposed to be ready in 2017. Marché d’intérêt national is the starting point on work and was site of work opening ceremony by Mayor Estrosi.

Even before the full completion of the line 2 is line 3 which could be achieved in 2018 towards the Allianz Riviera, the new 35,000 seat stadium that just opened. Currently Bus 95 runs to the stadium with “tram-like” frequency, but lots of people prefer to drive and traffic jams are huge.


Nice Tramway Extends Now to Pasteur Hospital


On 6th July, 2013 the first tram departed from the new station in Pasteur. From the stop at Hôpital Pasteur, the route crosses Pont René Coty and the Paillon river before meeting the existing line at Pont Michel.

“The extension of the Ligne 1 tramway is becoming more and more of a reality everyday,” says Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, who hopes that the extra section will improve transport to and from the Pasteur community while boosting public transport access to the hospital.

It is estimated that the extension will add around 5,000 new passengers to the busy tramway in Nice, which already serves over 100,000 commuters, tourists and residents each day.

While an official figure for the final cost is yet to be announced, the city of Nice estimates that the 450 metres of extension has cost almost 24 million euros. The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis has shouldered the majority of the investment, with the General Council for the Alpes Maritimes, the PACA region, and the French State adding minor contributions to the financing of the project.

The city of Nice was also, for the first time, able to secure almost one million euros in funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Eventually, Line 1 will be extended again, right up to La Trinité on the outskirts of the city.

According to Estrosi, the extension plans are an integral part of the metropolis’ wish “to provide local residents with a high performing transport network.”

New Tram Line 2 Delayed for Funding


The Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis in France has been forced to delay the completion of the expensive tramway Line 2.
Residents and tourists will have to wait until 2019 to take a direct tram from the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport to the port, it has been revealed. The multi-million euro project will now be broken up into chewable pieces to limit the damage to the Metropolis’ pocket, as State funding is expected to drop over the coming years.
Passengers will be forced to change at avenue Jean Médécin in order to reach the port

In 2017, the public will be able to catch a Line 2 tram from Cadam or the airport and travel as far as avenue Jean Médécin. Here, they will have to change onto a Line 1 tram, which will take them to Place Garibaldi. If they want to reach the port, they will have to complete their journey on foot. The final underground stations of Line 2 (Durandy, Garibaldi and the port) will not be accessible until 2019.