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Historical Jean Moulin Home For Sale In Nice France


We have talked about Jean Moulin, the hero of the French WW2 Resistance, before. We even have a full article on Jean Moulin. No WebSite or email on the sign, just phone number: 04 93 82 97 96 (outside France: +33 4 93 82 97 96)

Well now his old “apartment” at 22 rue de France is for sale! Saw a sign yesterday from Pietonne Immobiliere in Nice (just down the street at 15 rue de France). Yes, they have a WebSite

Jean Moulin: Hero of the French WW2 Resistance


Plaque above commemorates Jean Moulin. It is a 22 rue de France in Nice.

Jean Moulin, hero of the Resistance

(Béziers, 20 juin 1899 – Metz, 8 juillet 1943)

Regarded as one of heros of the French Resistance Movement in the Second World War

He was a member of the French prefectorial body. His Mediterranean origins led him to make, before the Second World war, several stays on the French Riviera. The light and the spectacular landscapes he saw contributed to his pictorial paintings he signed Romanin. He was Prefect of Eure-et-Loir ( Chartres) during the German invasion. The Occupants tried to humiliate him, provoking an attempt of suicide. Fired by Vichy in 1940, he took refuge in the free zone and went underground in the Alpes-Maritimes. Using the alias Joseph Mercier, he reached London via Lisbon, then London in 1941. Charged by General de Gaulle to unify the movements of resistance, he was parachuted back to France in 1942. The mission drove him a dozen times in the Alpes-Maritimes, where he met other Resistance leaders to gather them behind General de Gaulle. In 1942, he tried to get from Antibes to London in a submarine. After this episode, he opened a picture gallery in Nice, at 22 rue de France, which was inaugurated in February 1943. The Romanin gallery included the paintings of Max’s personal collection, and was managed by his friend Colette Pons and served as “cover” to his secret activities; The apartment situated above it received many representatives of free France and the Resistance until he was arrested in Caluire, toutured and later killed. His ashes were transferred to the Pantheon on December 19, 1964. A plaque on the facade of the former gallery Romanin, as well as in Antibes, Cannes, Nice, La Trinité, Villeneuve-Loubet; and about fifteen toponymical sites remind of his stay and his sacrifice.

ImagePicture above is where his gallery was located. Now a “PMU” (betting parlor now)


Next to his gallery and under his apartment is a restaurant.


Here is a classic picture of Jean Moulin


Here is another plaque in Villefranche