Trams in Nice, France Get Longer


The trams in Nice, France are actually getting longer. Several have been lengthened to 44 meters by adding two new sections. This will allow about 100 extra riders. The platforms have already been adapted for this transition, as a tram extension has been planned for the future from the beginning. Find out more about the extended trams. Photo of a “tram longue” courtesy of L’association des Tramophiles de la Côte d’Azur (TCA)


Public Transportation on the French Riveria


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Date is June 19, 2012
Tram project approved – The Prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes has given the green light for Nice’s second tram line. The approval by Prefect Jean-Paul Drevet means work on the 758-million Euro  line will begin before the end of the year. The most difficult stage involves the construction of 3.2-kilometre long tunnel to the Nice Port, which will begin in 2013. The line should be up and running by 2017.

As the French saying goes ‘nine women cannot have a baby in a month’




International tourist mecca, St. Tropez’s mythical tame has played a large part in the renown of the whole Côte d’ Azur.

The world’s most rich and famous have found escape in St. Tropez for centuries. Icons Brigitte Bardot and artist Henri Matisse helped spread word of the unbridled, isolated luxury of France’s southern peninsula.

Hotels in St Tropez and the surrounding areas

Your Trip to St Tropez

Coming from Nice generally, the lure of a trip to St Tropez is hard to resist. If the timing of the daily boat from Nice Quai Lunel (or less frequent out of season) doesn’t suit, independent travel is still a viable option. The most flexible way is the fairly frequent train from Nice Gare Ville to St Raphael, which breaks the back of the journey, and then change to a few options for the final approach. At St Raphael Port there is the Bateaux St Raphael who run 5 – 6 round trips a day in high season. There is also a local bus service connecting St Raphael with the main towns of the gulf to St Tropez, which is a viable option outside the car-madness of peak season. Likewise taxi is not impossible, but pricy. Find out more on getting to St Tropez

Welcome to New York City, Grand Central Terminal and the New York City Subway

We have an extensive collection of material on railroads and transit in New York City. Much of this material is not published elsewhere on the Internet. If you are interested in Grand Central Terminal, New York City subways, or transportation around New York City, read on and enjoy!

Grand Central Terminal is one of the most significant landmarks in New York City. It is historical, but it is vital to transportation in the city. Some of the stories we have are about the signal towers that control trains entering Grand Central, the buildings that surround Grand Central, the electric engines that go into Grand Central. We have old postcards of Grand Central and the Hotel Commodore.

The New York City Subway System is massive and impressive.

Some of our articles include a look at what has gone wrong with the subways since 1940. We have a report on a panel discussion on the merits of various types of subway maps hosted by New York City’s Transit Museum.

Plans for better transit in the metropolitan area. An analysis of a early 1960’s Ford Foundation study of commuting into Grand Central and what might be done to improve it. Some unique ideas and far ahead of its time. Developed early on in the history of aviation, JFK International, LaGuardia and Newark airports were intended to only be accessed by automobile.

Begun in 1846, the New York Central’s West Side Freight Line was the only freight railroad directly into Manhattan.

Read about the history and future of this line.

Present Day terminology is the “High Line”

Grand Central Terminal Track 61, which Franklin Delano Roosevelt used to sneak in and out of Grand Central and hide his disability (he had severe polio) from the public. Was it used other times by Presidents? Matt Lauer of NBC put on his best play clothes May 8 2008 to examine “The Mystery of Track 61? on the Today show. Lauer went 30 feet below the Waldorf to investigate the secret train track that has intrigued urban explorers for decades. Now they have included an armored baggage car too. This story gets taller and taller anytime someone tells it.

Grand Central was owned by the New York Central Railroad

Do you know who owns Grand Central now?
If you said Metro North Railroad, or its parent company, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, then you are wrong.
Nor is it Donald Trump, Disney or WalMart.
Click here to find the answer and find out a lot of interesting facts.

In 1848, the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company was granted rights “in perpetuity” to enter New York City and Grand Central.


Garbage Trucks

All about Garbage Trucks
History of refuse collection (or the garbage truck).
Background on the garbage truck and how they are made.
We can find any garbage truck you might want; NEW or USED
Let us search our numerous sources for you. Contact us, give us your location, specifications of the truck you want, and the price you want to pay. “We Talk Trash”!
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Our Golf Picks for 2013


This time of year everybody makes picks of who they think will be the top golfers for the coming year. Agree or disagree, this is ours. Watch how we do!!!

1. Rory McIlroy

2.Jason Dufner

3.Dustin Johnson

4. Bubba Watson

5. Webb Simpson

6. Luke Donald

7. Phil Mickelson

8.Graeme McDowell

9. Rickie Fowler

10. Ted Potter, Jr.

Central New England Railway (CNE) Bus Tour 2013



This is a heads up for those planning to join us for the 2013 segment of the annual bus tour along various portions of the former Central New England Railway. The 2013 tour will be on April 7th (rain or shine).

This years trip will be the area around Millerton and , New York. There were 5 railroads in this area and 4 were predecessors of the CNE and New Haven RR. The plan is to start at 9:00 AM from the Millerton Post office lot on Century Blvd. We plan to cover Mt Riga, Boston Corners Silvernails and Pine Plains. The railroads in that area were the P&E, the P&C, the ND&C, and the R&C. As usual lunch will be provided on this trip.

We have planned this trip to reach as many of the remaining historical spots as our intrepid scouts could locate. In many cases we have had to rely on photographs, new and old, to fill in parts of the puzzle. We hope that you will gain a better understanding of the part that the railroads played in the history and development of New York.

As usual, everybody will get a copy of the 2013 CNE Tour guide book. We have a lot of ground to cover so we will have coffee and buses will roll at 9:00.

The cost of this year’s tour will be $55.00 per person and payment should be made out to:
Joseph Mato CNE 2013

Be sure to include your E-Mail address so we can contact you if we need to. If you don’t have E-Mail then include your phone number.

Send it to:
REDDING, CT. 06896

Any money that is left after expenses will be used as “seed money” for next years trip.

As we did last year, we have two buses with 47 seats each. In past years we sold all seats and had a waiting list so don’t wait too long to send in your reservation. Please note that any request for refunds must be received thirty (30) or more days in advance of the tour date. If you can find a replacement to take your bus seat, that’s OK just let us know who it is. We have to know who to let onto the bus when the tour starts. If you can’t find a replacement then we may have somebody on the waiting list to suggest but we can’t refund money that has already been spent on tour expenses.
Bernie Rudberg
7 Marion Ave.
Wappingers Falls, NY

See more about these pictures and about the old Central New England Railway


New Haven Railroad Cedar Hill Yard

LCLatCedarHillDriving north from New Haven, Cedar Hill yard cannot be overlooked. Its still used, but not to the extent it was 50 year ago. Imagine, over 9,000 cars handled on one day! Cedar Hill was built between 1910 and 1920. Cedar Hill became in the 1920’s the keystone of the whole New Haven Railroad freight operation. It seems to have started out as a more local facility, then grown into that larger role. Or was the idea of making it the center part of the original intention?

Cedar Hill was built between 1910 and 1920. The roundhouses were built in 1911. The Shore Line Receiving Yard, New York/Maybrook Receiving Yard, the two humps, Eastbound Classification Yard, and Westbound Classification Yard were built in 1918. The Montowese Tie Plant was built in 1922. The LCL warehouse and terminal were built around 1930.

There is a lot of information about Cedar Hill in Freight Terminals and Trains by John A. Droege.

If they started construction 1910, planning must have been around 1909. That puts the beginnings of Cedar Hill firmly in the Mellen era, along with his other major projects. Cedar Hill became in the 1920’s the keystone of the whole New Haven Railroad freight operation. It seems to have started out as a more local facility, then grown into that larger role. Or was the idea of making it the center part of the original intention?



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