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When we talk about pedigree, it’s usually about dogs or horses … or even cows and goats. In this case, I want to spend time talking about doctors.

When it comes time to for surgery, you need the right doctor. Not just whatever or whoever happens to be the one your primary has in his circle, but one who has the kind of skills and background who will make you feel secure and safe — and most important, repaired.

The right medical insurance — a POP which lets you go to any hospital and see any doctor.

When I went in with cancer in both breasts, I was already dubious about our local hospital in Milford. After a conversation with the surgeon, I knew that I would not use her under any circumstances. She told me that there was ONLY one way to…

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‘Please take my hand, please take my heart


Please take my hand, please take my heart.

Old man told the young soldier in the Fort Louis NCO club. You must die, to learn to live. You must lose everything to appreciate the simple things. Once I held love so damn closely. I knew the smell and odor of her. When love is near and when you live and die inside the words and wishes of another. The sweat and tears of love make you pray for one more day and chance. He looked at the soldier. The young soldier drinking away the memory of his pretty wife left at home. He took the drink away for the soldier.

He told him. You are young and you have the right to be foolish. I recommend you add-up the good and the bad. You can be blessed with a woman who love you or you can drink the damn whiskey…

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This isn’t working… #ThrowbackThursday #humor

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Excerpt from my new book, Life Begins When The Kids Leave Home And The Dog Dies

(Sorry about the really long intro:)
There was a video making the rounds on Facebook, a collection of clips from Hollywood movies of “women who needed a spanking”.

I know. I couldn’t watch it either, and I’m certainly not going to link to it, even if its point is that things used to be worse.

But it did get me thinking about the ways some things have actually changed or are changing. For one thing, outside of specifically labeled BDSM mainstream films [cough, Fifty Shades, cough, cough], men hitting women “who need it” isn’t really a positive Hollywood thing these days. Mom-shaming is out…

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