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Muddling Through My Middle Age

Recently, I was in line at a drive-up ATM, behind a man who was obviously conducting several banking transactions.  He was definitely taking longer than usual and another car pulled up behind me as I waited.  When I glanced in my rear-view mirror, I could see the woman behind me shaking her head and getting more and more agitated.  Suddenly, she pulled out of line and roared across the parking lot to the walk-up ATM.  Ignoring several dozen empty parking spots, she parked in the driving lane right in front of the bank, jumped out and ran up the the ATM.  I guess she was in a hurry to do her banking.

When did we begin to believe that having to wait, even for a few minutes, was such a bad thing?  When did it become a huge imposition to have to actually stop for a red light, or wait…

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Pasta and Veggies

Live2EatEat2Live Blog

Sunday dinner. The Mouse a little too sore to cook. Pasta up the street.

The Cat’s Vegetable Gnocchi


The Mouse’s Vegetable Penne Pasta

With extras sauce and garlic bread. Nom.

Little less than half of The Mouse’s dish and about half of The Cat’s dish went home for The Cat’s bento. A little frozen spinach, and a tin of sardines, and The Cat had lunch. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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By the Mighty Mumford

After the SCRABBLE game,

He didn’t feel quite the same…

No wiring tonight

Too tired to fight,

Power feed wires to trains!

So instead he’ll write,

For a little while before goodnight…

Soldering gvuns

Need cafre handling one,

One burn and his nerves are on fire!

Endeavoring to do what is right,

His wife needs her right arm’s respite…

Less than a week

And the incision leaked,

Till healed, “hubs” is the dishwasher–quite!

–Jonathan Caswell

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First my Mom, Forever My Friend — Jordan Gray

And a Happy Mothers Day to you

By the Mighty Mumford

Deb. Debbie. Debster. Big D. Big Mama. Better known as the lady in my snapchats, the woman who jams to Earth, Wind & Fire AND Usher 🤔, and most importantly, my mom. Mom I can’t begin to tell you, how much I LOVE YOU. In my head, I associate a mother as a being the […]

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Proof — Hysterically Ever After

By the Mighty Mumford

“If you don’t believe in miracles…perhaps you’ve forgotten you are one.” – attributed to Albert Einstein I am often met by individuals who question so many aspects of our God: existence, faithfulness, protection, unconditional love, peace. Considering their perspective, I can understand their desire to question or disbelieve, as the world around us seems fraught […]

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Have Americans gone complacent?

America On Coffee

A job-seeker fills out an application at a job fair this month at the Denver Workforce Center in Denver. (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

By Robert J. Samuelson Columnist

“We have met the enemy and he is us.”

— the comic-strip character Pogo by Walt Kelly

The same may be true of the economy. So says Tyler Cowen, author of the new book “The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream.”

Although we’ve recovered from the Great Recession, there are widespread fears that the economy will stagnate or grow only slowly. Government won’t be able to handle the next crisis, whether a war, financial meltdown or pandemic.

Maybe, says Cowen, an economist at George Mason University. But he doesn’t blame the usual suspects: debt hangover from the 2008-09 financial crisis (consumers and firms repay loans rather than spend on goods and services); huge trade deficits; or the impotency of government policies…

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Happy Mother’s Day 🌷

And a happy mothers day to you


Wishing you a Mother’s Day

wonderful all the way through.

A bright, delightful and special day. . .

One which is just like You! 🌷


May any and all role models

who have mothered someone

have a peaceful, joyous day! 💐


“At his graduation, a young man was giving

the commencement speech, he began

reading from his notes,

“I want to talk about my mother and the

wonderful influence she had on my life.

She’s a shining example of parenthood. I

love her more than words can ever do

justice.” The graduate then paused,

appeared to struggle a moment and

looked up at the audience with

a mischievous smile saying,

“It’s really hard to read my

Mom’s handwriting.”

🙂 xo 😀

This photo was taken along

a brick walkway in

German Village,



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And Everything. And Nothing..

Everything I Never Told You

I gave you my love
You gave me your disregard.
I lived with it.
Feeding on the bramble.
You left me at daybreak
But as night fell, I still
waited for you, everywhere.
Trying to tape the fallen
leaves back to the trees.
You were just an illusion
on the way to winter’s frost.
This is nothing no one
has never written before.
Injuries manifested in black ink.
The dimmer the light to write
becomes, the more I have
to say to you.
Now even your bare branches
have left me
This the greatest hurt of all.
All that’s renains is a disquieted
ghost, a flickering of fireflies.
This is the life of us
All the cells meant for dying.
I deserve better luck than you.
You deserve karma’s acid touch
But still I wish you well.

All that’s lost is found in the eyes of spring.
Eyes that love…

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