5 topics that should never be posted on social media

City Skipper Gal

When has our private lives become so public?

While we have all been guilty of posting something inappropriate on social media, habit of it is something to avoid at all costs. Once it’s put out there, it’s always up for retrieval- by anyone- even your children, family, or anyone else that you may or may not know.

Here is a list of 5 NEVER POST topics:


bare-1985858__340I have been very guilty of this. It’s so easy to do when you are away from home, enjoying yourself and happy. You want everyone to know how much fun you and your family are having and the amazing things that you see. But, what about thieves that are watching and waiting for our house to be empty. So, rule of thumb: if you’re house is empty while you are away, AVOID posting vacation photos UNTIL you…

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