Yale Students Are Trying to Solve New York’s Subway Shutdown

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads


The capstone studio project introduced dozens of new ideas that the MTA might do well to consider.

In early 2019, the L train in New York City will shut down for 15 months to repair damage caused during Hurricane Sandy. Leading up to the closure, VICE will be providing relevant updates and policy proposals, as well as profiles of community members and businesses along the affected route in a series we’re calling Tunnel Vision. Read more about the project here.

Rerouting 275,000 daily passengers through the streets, sidewalks, and waterways of New York City has presented itself as a sort of once-in-a-lifetime challenge to those willing to face it head on.

As this site has documented, designers, architects, and urban thinkers alike have proposed everything from gondolas and pontoon bridges, to scooter shares and a floating condom-like tunnel, in an effort to accommodate the masses during the…

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Ghosts: Ghosts and Art

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, today the link is to one of my own essays, on the blog page of my friend the talented artist James Stanford.  I discuss ghosts as reflected in art and the cultural/social conceptual framework of ghostly phenomena.  I hope you’ll give it a look, and that you’ll explore this wonderful art-filled website! http://jamesstanfordart.com/blog-post/ghostly-arts-apparitions-reflected-culture-art/

A Spiritual Séance by Väinö Kunnas

For more of my blog posts at James Stanford Art in which I discuss cultural/spiritual/historic perspectives of some noted art work, please see http://jamesstanfordart.com/?s=jan+olandese

Photo: Henri-Jean Guillaume Martin [Public domain], The Apparition, via Wikimedia Commons and    EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Kunnas, Väinö – A spiritualistic séance 

For more ghosts and other things, please see https://www.amazon.com/Jan-Olandese/e/B071FK9L75


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