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My friend John from Chicago has many Aunties called Tia (Tia means Aunty in Italian) and his favorite Tia  (though he has other favorite Aunties too) has an apple tree here that has just come into blossom. Planted right beside the turkey house. And then I have Tia the heifer. And then there is Aunty Del named for my own favorite Great Aunty Del.

Yesterday I brought Tia and Aunty Del back to the home pastures so I had Three Tias on my mind.

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Riders Facing Service Changes As NJ TRANSIT Works To Speed Up Installation Of Safety System

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads

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Starting next month, NJ TRANSIT riders will have to deal with schedule and other changes as service is reduced for months to speed up installation of a new safety system.

NJ TRANSIT is supposed to have a crash prevention system, called positive train control, installed on all of its trains by the end of the year.

The federal government mandated the system on all commuter trains by Dec. 31. But through the end of 2017, NJ TRANSIT reported it had only 35 of 440 locomotives equipped with the system and hadn’t finished installation on any of its 11 track routes.

Last week, the Federal Railroad Administration sent a letter expressing concern that NJ TRANSIT would miss the deadline to install the system.

That means NJ TRANSIT will have to reduce service as it works to install the system on its tracks and cars, mostly impacting customers

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How the NYC Ferry Can Make Your Subway Ride Better

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads


New York City anticipates that ridership for the NYC Ferry will reach nine million annual riders by 2023 and is investing $300 million to build more and bigger boats to meet that demand—a move that will help New Yorkers fed up with overcrowding in the subway and traffic congestion while driving.

The city initially projected that ridership for the NYC Ferry, which was launched a year ago, would hit 4.6 million riders—twice what the city is now expecting for 2023—once all six routes are up and running. The NYC Ferry had 3.7 million passengers in its first year, with only four routes operating and only two operating during the entire year in which the service has existed.

The city plans to invest $300 million in capital over the next five years, including $35 million in fiscal year 2019, for new 350-capacity ferries, improvements to piers and docks and a second…

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