NYC – Restaurants I Must Try and Ones to Skip! (updated May 2018)

NYC constantly has new restaurants opening, so many that my head keeps spinning. I decided to start a separate post for just this category.  As I try them, I will either move them into my favorites or to the bottom category of “stay away”.  So many restaurants…so little time… 

  • ABCV – 38 E. 19th Street – Jean-George’s new vegetarian restaurant.  Thank goodness he is saying he doesn’t plan on serving food that mimics meat (if I wanted meat I would eat it!) but will serve innovative vegetables and grains in their own right.
  • Atla – 372 Lafayette St / Great Jones – Chef Enrique Olvera from Cosme (yumm, I can taste that duck carnitas) opened a more casual, creative Mexican restaurant.  Open all day so enjoy a cafe con leche and a concha pastry for breakfast…and return at 10PM for margaritas and guac (with mint!) with great music playing in the background.
  • Alta Linea – Courtyard…

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