Common Sense Is Not Very Common

You said a lot of great ideas in your blog

Cheche Winnie

Do you agree/disagree with me?

Whoever named it “common sense” may need to reconsider this name.

What is “common sense” ?

It is believed to be the ability to understand, judge and perceive. This ability is peceived to be gifted to everyone. That’s why is it perceived common. It is basicaly a normal native intelligence. It involves making sound judgements.

Do you know that they are some people who don’t have common sense?

Unforturnately, they are increasing in number every other day.
This explain :

  • Why people are sending all sort of crazy photos that are later used against them.
  • Why people continue having unprotected sex carelessly with multiple partners regardless of the danger of HIV/AID patients increasing in numbers every second.
  • Why ladies continue losing their life while aborting the unplanned babies.
  • Why people destroy the same nature they have been employed to protect.
  • Why parents will defile their…

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