Palinode (translation, passway, glass)

O at the Edges


Palinode (translation, passway, glass)


What falters in translation? The dove’s silhouette resides
on the window three months after the sudden refusal. I
observe wingprints, the skull’s curve, a history of assumptions
angled in the moment of impact. And after, residue. Light’s
incident rests. One body whispers another’s shape and the
next rumbles through the narrowing passway. Traitorous,
I call it fact. I name it truth, and naming it, reverse the coat.


I name it truth, but considered denial, root of the renegade’s
term. I have a bird to whistle and I have a bird to sing. Misperception
in flight. Betrayal’s gate, unhinged. What comes next? Sunlight
slants through the window each morning, and departs, bending
in reversal. Stones all in my pass. Dark roads. Another naming,
another transition. Trials waged in the grammar of refraction.
The deflected word.


The deflected word reciprocates and the sky opens, outlining

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Cop Caught On Video “Seizing” (more like stealing) Money From Hotdog Vendor At Football Game!

Fighting for criminal justice reform, ending the war and drugs and abolishing the prison industrial complex

Here’s a link to the original news story…my tirade begins just below that!

Over $70K Raised for Vendor After Police Seize His Money | NBC Chicago

This infuriates me!! This is the second story within the last week or so I have heard about police going way over the line with ordinary non-criminal people just doing their jobs. The first story was about that nurse that refused to draw blood from an unconscious man being roughed up and arrested for doing her job and following the hospital’s policy… And now this!

This poor guy was literally selling hotdogs at a football game just trying to earn an honest living to support his family. The officer had been in the area for some time and there were several other Street vendors in the area as well but apparently the officer decided he was just going to pick on this guy…

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By the Mighty Mumford

His wife knows that she must share,

Her husband with so little hair…

lady writers of the poem

and Bank personnel know him,

He has hidden savoir-faire?

Friendly to women world-wide,

And a few men, beside…

The locals think him sweet

From his poetic feats,

Poetry is on a rising tide!

A poet must carefully,

Avoid marital calamity…

Give his wife due

love staying true,

And to others watch out how closely!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Day 1932: Fit

Nice Idea!

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

This morning, I’m reading news reports about people being fit or unfit for their jobs.

What makes somebody fit or unfit? I wonder.  I also wonder what else I’m going to fit into today’s blog post.

Yesterday, my Fitbit measured another day of over 10,000 steps, as I work on getting more fit.

The weather around here does not fit my expectations for mid-April. I’m continuing to fit into my winter coat as I brave the cold, rainy days and nights.

Today, many people will be fitting themselves into running shoes and into the crowds at the Boston Marathon. I’m assuming some people will get fit and others might throw a fit because of traffic and other obstacles.

Tax day can give people fits.  I almost had a fit yesterday when I noticed that my tax payment wasn’t withdrawn from my bank account as I had scheduled.  I think…

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Common Sense Is Not Very Common

You said a lot of great ideas in your blog

Cheche Winnie

Do you agree/disagree with me?

Whoever named it “common sense” may need to reconsider this name.

What is “common sense” ?

It is believed to be the ability to understand, judge and perceive. This ability is peceived to be gifted to everyone. That’s why is it perceived common. It is basicaly a normal native intelligence. It involves making sound judgements.

Do you know that they are some people who don’t have common sense?

Unforturnately, they are increasing in number every other day.
This explain :

  • Why people are sending all sort of crazy photos that are later used against them.
  • Why people continue having unprotected sex carelessly with multiple partners regardless of the danger of HIV/AID patients increasing in numbers every second.
  • Why ladies continue losing their life while aborting the unplanned babies.
  • Why people destroy the same nature they have been employed to protect.
  • Why parents will defile their…

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