Schenectady County Takes A Giant Step Toward Solar Power

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads

Local officials and General Electric have announced what they tout as the largest and most ambitious municipal solar project to date in New York.

Schenectady County and the Schenectady County Solar Energy Consortium say they will partner with GE to develop and build a network of solar farms that if fully implemented will generate up to 45 megawatts of solar energy capacity throughout Schenectady County. Democratic Schenectady County Legislator Rory Fluman:   “And this conservatively again is gonna save all of our participants an aggregate of $1.5 million a year each year through a revenue save by paying less on our electric bills.”

Fluman says the county initiated its solar program back in 2011. The project is made possible through the NY-SUN program, which promotes solar energy.   “Today we’re producing about five megawatts of power annually, but the great thing about this project is we’re talking about going from five…

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The MTA’s biggest money pit

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads


With the start of LIRR service into Grand Central Terminal still at least four years off, the estimated cost of the project last week jumped another $1 billion, to $11 billion and likely still rising.

Early estimates had the East Side Access job running $2.2 billion and finishing by 2009. And MTA board member Scott Rechler says, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more cost overruns.”

No, current MTA management isn’t to blame for this mess. But the agency’s leaders have yet to show they’re changing the culture that produced it. A culture that only discovered, years into the project, that it was paying 200 extra workers who had no actual duties (out of 900 total) around $1,000 a day each on the East Side Access project.

As a landmark New York Times investigation showed last year, the MTA’s construction costs are far, far higher than even those…

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Battle of the hyperloops: HTT and Virgin go head-to-head in the Middle East

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads

CNBC  Click this link to see video

  • The competition to deliver “hyperloops” – super-fast, ground-based transportation systems, is heating up.
  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Virgin Hyperloop One are going head-to-head in the Middle East.
  • HTT’s chairman said it owned the name “hyperloop.”

The competition between hyperloop developers in the Middle East is heating up, with the two main operators — Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) and Virgin Hyperloop One — sniping over the use of the name “hyperloop” and territorial ambitions.

The chairman of HTT told CNBC that his company “owns” the brand name ‘”hyperloop” — the name given to a super-fast, ground-based transportation system, a concept of Tesla founder Elon Musk.

“We are the original hyperloop, we own the brand hyperloop,” Bibop Gresta told’s “Capital Connection on Monday.”

“We are focused on passengers,” he said. “We are the first company that actually brings this technology to reality, and we are building…

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Beware! Facebook Is Satan’s Tool! 

Glad somebody said this crap. I could not as not a participanr;

The Little Mermaid

In this current age of an inordinately dangerous swell of anti-intellectualism and information warfare, Facebook is, in great measure, accountable for the demise of culture, stability and privacy in our lives. I’m not the least bit sorry to aver, esteemed tech mogul-Mr Mark Zukerberg, aka The Android, that your creation has brought about a widespread degradation of human values, of talents and of our ability to perceive logically. But why would you even give a monkey’s at all when you have built yourself and your future generations an empire of cosmic proportions? Admist the ongoing Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, there could not be a more providential time for me to express the reasons for my surging hate when using this overrated social media platform.

1. For a start, those who use a fake name and a fake profile picture make my blood boil.

I understand that the Dad’s Princess…

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