Subway copper thief’s release has MTA on high alert

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads

NY Post

This thief has some mettle.

Prince Hayes has been ripping off copper wiring from the New York City subway system for more than a decade — a crime that has resulted in dozens of train delays and a vast amount of money in repairs.

Armed with pliers and a hacksaw, the daring crook deftly cuts and removes portions of the thick copper cable in the subway tunnels, part of the power circuits streaming hundreds of volts of electricity.

Hayes, 56, is so adept at cutting the wires that he does so while trains are rushing by at breakneck speeds. Cutting the wrong section of the heavy cable could result in electrocution and death.

The Brooklyn-based menace sells the copper parts at scrapyards in the borough for up to $5 a pound. The cash could be feeding a drug habit, sources said, pointing to several past drug-possession charges.


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