Yankee Stadium: The ultimate guide to the Bronx ballpark

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads

Curbed New York

From the best transportation options to where to sit—and eat—once you’re there

he House That Ruth Built. The Cathedral of Baseball. The Bronx Zoo. Whatever you call it, Yankee Stadium is undoubtedly one of the most iconic New York City landmarks—even if its current iteration isn’t the historic ballpark where Babe Ruth once played.

In the Bronx Bombers’ 117-year history, they’ve called four different venues—including the long-lost Polo Grounds and the original Yanks ballpark—home, with the new iteration of Yankee Stadium opening in 2009. Though it lacks the nostalgic qualities of the actual house that Ruth built, the Yanks’ new home is a major improvement over the old one in many ways. The seats are roomier, there’s legroom (and cupholders!), the food options are more diverse, and—crucially—there are more bathrooms.

Thinking of becoming a fan or switching allegiances? The more the merrier. To get you started, here’s…

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