Day 1916: Time Matzahs On

I enjoyed this so much!

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

“Time matzahs on” is something my late father used to say during Passover, which started last night.

Here are some timely and matzah-related images from last night’s seder at my sister Ellen’s.


It’s time for two versions of that song — the original and one with matzah.

As time matzahs on, I’ve had a ball at many seders and many baseball games at Fenway park in Boston.

I look forward to your comments, with or without matzahs or puns.

So matzah thanks to Ellen, her spouse Linda, my cousin Lani, Michael, my late father,  my late mother, dramaramasam,  everybody else who helped me write this “Time Matzahs On” post and — of course! — everybody who matzahs over to this blog to read it, including YOU.


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