How Trump’s infrastructure plan will crush mass transit and make our cities less competitive

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads


President Trump is stumping for his sweeping $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan on Thursday, as the proposal appears to be stalled in Congress.

We certainly need to fix our roads and bridges. But the plan as it stands would starve our public transportation systems of funding. It slashes money for crucial grant programs. And, it would force transit projects to compete against other infrastructure proposals for a relatively small sum of federal funding.

That’s awful. Our aging rail and bus systems would continue to deteriorate. Expansion plans would be cancelled. Drivers would face worse traffic. And our big cities would become less globally competitive.

Governors, who control most of the nation’s regional transit authorities, must demand more federal transit funding.

America’s public transit infrastructure is already woefully outdated. More than half of the country’s buses and heavy rail cars — which are used in subways — need to be replaced

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