Subway fare hike seems imminent in 2019

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads


Despite new lows in its performance, riding the subway is likely to become more costly in 2019. Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Joe Lhota says a fare increase in 2019 is practically inevitable, unless the cash-strapped institution is able to harness funds elsewhere. Given that the city and state are failing to come to a consensus about how those funds should be raised, a means of timely alternate funding is looking unlikely.

At a meeting on Wednesday, Lhota admitted that there is no present scenario in which fares will not be raised for passengers in 2019, the Daily News reports.

Word of a looming fare hike isn’t unexpected. In July 2017, MTA Chief Financial Officer Robert Foran told board members that MTA officials were looking to continue a biennial fare hike in 2019 and 2021 to meet its long-term financial needs.

The most recent MTA fare hike occurred…

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