By the Mighty Mumford

GOOD QUESTION–I’m glad you asked,

Answering’s a difficult task…

You find over time

I’ve changed my mind.

Trying to not be rash.

YES—I believe in Christ Jesus–

To be otherwise is specious…

My point is that He

Is reality,

And by our faith receives us!

In the Lord God is our being,

Everything He’s seeing…

In all parts of life

We walk in His Light,

If you are believing!

Yes I like beauty,

To channel this is my duty…

Same with trains’

Economic gains,

Or losses–life’s cruelty.

Ostensively I’m a poet,

All kinds of ways to show it…


Vision acquiring,

To write it–I can bestow it.

Admiring beauty is hard,

Not all is suitable for a bard…

Disciple of Christ

Sin–to be precise–

Makes innocence asterix-starred!

God’s love I would show somehow,

To all I encounter now…

As before

I will explore,


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