Monster Storm Cripples Rail Service, Cancels More Than 1,500 Flights

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads


A ferocious nor’easter unleashed violent winds and heavy rain on the region Friday, filling train station waiting halls with commuters anxious to get home, grounding airplanes and bringing traffic to a girding halt from Long Island to New Jersey.

More than 1,500 flights were canceled during Friday’s storm, and Amtrak canceled all trains on its vital northeastern corridor line from Boston to Washingtn D.C. Cargo trucks were restricted on nearly every bridge in the area, and the region’s three major commuter rails all saw crippling delays and service suspensions.


Amtrak service has been severely impacted by the nor’easter, and the rail carrier said no trains are running along the Northeast Corridor from Washington, D.C. and Boston, until Saturday.

“Despite our best effort to restore service between BOS and WAS today, we have determined at this time it is not safe to do so,” Amtrak said in a tweet…

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3 thoughts on “Monster Storm Cripples Rail Service, Cancels More Than 1,500 Flights”

  1. Here near Woodstock NY, we had no electricity for only a day or so–came back overnight into Saturday maybe, and yet our water has been off since last Thursday. It came on a little yesterday, enough to flush, and today a bit, so I am trying to use the hot water heating system while it is on, since the house is in the 40s or so temperaturewise. Meanwhile we have heavy-looking fluffy snow now. At least we have electric and some heat for now. Best wishes to all–

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