Charleston’s Coffee Culture

Live In The Nautical

“I love going to coffee shops and just sitting and listening.” ~ Julie Roberts

Locally Owned Coffee Shops

One of the first things I research when I travel to a new city are the local coffee shops. Obviously I love my coffee and while I might judge a place if they don’t have a Starbucks, the real judgement, is if they don’t have independently owned coffee shops and cafes.


History has long shown how pivotal coffee shops or cafes have played in the honing of artists, philosophical ideas, writing, even political revolution. They are a gathering for the creative types to not just get caffeinated, but to think and create.

While I don’t deny my love for Starbucks, I much prefer to shop and frequent independent cafes. It not only helps support small businesses and the local commerce, but it also gives me the vibes of a city.

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