The Limpia Canyon Northern RR, part III (Sanderson)

Rails West

On our way to Magdalena from Pecos, we will pass through a couple of towns.  Next up, is Sanderson.  Now to kind of understand a model for what B. Smith is doing in Sanderson, you may want to read the recent Pecos Vally Southern series.  Click here to read part I.

Here is my favorite quote from the series–

“Out in the middle of nowhere, a single car to pick up, light rail, little ballast, just laid back easy going railroading.”–B. Smith

My beautiful picture A load of river rock headed to Pecos, TX, 1978.  Laid back railroading.–©B.Smith photo

Sanderson is all about what I think is the golden era of railroading–late 1960s to the end of the 1970s.  Sanderson gives B. Smith a chance to connect with a type of railroading that he initially fell in love with–Alco, F units, 40-foot boxcars, cabooses and lots of road names.  He occasionally will even break out some…

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