The idea of Hyperloop technology was put forth by Elon Musk, who in 2013 made it open source through a white paper. The concept of hyperloop includes travelling people in a capsule which is propelling at a very high speed. If we are to make a massive investment in this transportation system, then the return should by rights be equally massive. Compared to the alternatives, it should ideally be: Safer, Faster, Lower cost, More convenient, Immune to weather, Sustainably self-powering, Resistant to Earthquakes, Not disruptive to those along the route.

There have been several companies such as Hyperloop One, SpaceX looking to create the first commercial Hyperloop and competitions to develop the technology that will make the transport system a reality.

On the basis of components, the hyperloop technology can be segmented into capsule, tube, and propulsion system. Tube segment is expected to hold significant share of the total market. The hyperloop network is anticipated to present strong business opportunities and bolster business relationships in Asia Pacific.

North America is expected to hold a major share of the total market due to the presence of a large number of major industry players. The region is also expected to expand at a significant rate, driven by countries such as the U.S. and their increasing adoption of Hyperloop technology.

Yes, We got carried away with it. Signed up for a HYPERLOOP between Louisville and Chicago. All I see is press releases with money coming from MidEast, India & Russia.



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