Canadian Fighter Aircraft: 1959 (real or Internex Hoax)

I do not know the full story on this (nor does my boss, who was around in 1959).

In 1959 the biggest thing was fighter aircraft to defend the US (and Canada) from huge Russian bombers flying over Canada to bomb the United States. Obviously, Canada was involved. They built fighter aircraft too. But in 1959, United States said their own fighters would be the best. This destroyed the Canadian program!

Canada was under financial problems so they closed their program. Many workers ended up going to other countries (US, France, etc.).

Turns out that maybe Canada had better ideas. Their “entry” may have been superior to even the F-35 which is superior to the 2017 F-35 fighter.

But Canada dumped many aircraft; Dumped into Lake Ontario or Lake Erie.

Now the big thing is to go into Lake Erie or Lake Ontario.

Hard to follow, so MAY BE yet another “Internet Hoax”

4 thoughts on “Canadian Fighter Aircraft: 1959 (real or Internex Hoax)”

  1. Sounds like the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow (, an ill-fated project to produce a Mach 2 interceptor. Cancelled in 1959, all the airframes built were cut up. (This is all on Wikipedia, BTW) None of the actual aircraft were dumped in the Great Lakes — this appears to be confusion with small-scale aerodynamic models that were fired by rocket over Lake Erie. Some of those models have now been or are about to be recovered from the lake bed. And despite the continuing ridiculous insistence of Arrow fans, the ’50s tech of the Arrow would be no threat to the vastly more advanced F-35 — it just wouldn’t. For more, see or or


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