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Here is a wonderful account of the famous ghost train of Abraham Lincoln, with some chilling details you may not have heard!  Thanks to Soul Reaper Paranormal blog.

After President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, a funeral train was used to carry his body home to Springfield, Illinois, for burial. In April every year since his death, a phantom ‘ghost train’ is reported travelling along the tracks, and on the same route which was taken by the official funeral train. However, this train never reaches […]

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Shopping List for Penney!!!


Still looking for a great gift for PENNEY VANDERBILT….your favorite blogger?

How about a R-42 subway car (the featured image)

Little steep for your budget?

The MTA is offering what it calls the perfect gifts this holiday season: old trash cans, stained bus seats and grimy subway signs.
“Authentic, unique and probably one of the most useful items in every home, work or office now can be yours,” the transit agency crows in a listing for its less-than-iconic trash bins — complete with marks from years of use. “Hurry and grab this rare item which is available in limited quantity.”

The beat-up refuse containers are selling for $300, while two ratty bus seats will put buyers back a cool $500. Meanwhile, a scratched and faded 11-foot-long subway bench is going for $650.

“These wooden benches are an iconic part of the subway experience. This is your chance to get your hands on this underground furniture!” an MTA ad reads.

For those riders whose pockets aren’t as deep, a strip map from the 2 line can be purchased for $25. Some of the items are newly listed on the MTA’s collectibles Web site.

“Anything deemed surplus is sold to the public,” MTA spokesman Jon Weinstein said in an e-mail. “As we say over here at the MTA, one person’s trash (can) is another person’s treasure. This is a great gift opportunity for subway enthusiasts.”

New owner to retire iconic Time Inc. name

The name Time Inc., one of the most iconic in publishing the last 95 years, will soon disappear.

Meredith, which has agreed to buy the publisher of Sports Illustrated, People and Time magazine for $2.8 billion, plans on retiring the Time Inc. name — from buildings, business cards and everywhere else, sources said.

The only place it will remain, in part, is on Time magazine.

Word of Time Inc.’s upcoming move to the scrap heap was delivered by Thomas Harty, Meredith’s president and chief operating officer, at an “integration meeting” at the New York publisher’s downtown Manhattan offices.

Time staffers were said to be flabbergasted.

“The name Time Inc. comes off the building on Day 1,” Harty said.

WHAT A SHAME. It is such a classic magazine. Hope their other magazines go bust.

MTA Approves LIRR Third Track Project, Despite Cost Concerns


The MTA board approved funding on Wednesday for a $2.6 billion project known as The Third Track Project on the Long Island Railroad. The project has been discussed for over 40 years, and costs have already gone up from estimates last year of up to $1.5 billion, to $2.6 billion now.

Many MTA board members voiced concerns about embarking on another large, costly project, while East Side Access and other big projects remain unfinished.

“We are in an economic red zone that is challenging our ability to keep what we already have in a state of good repair,” board member Andrew Saul said at Wednesday’s MTA board meeting. “We’d be wise to expand the system very, very carefully right now.”

Saul voted to approve The Third Track Project.

“I just hope we do a hell of a lot better job managing this one as we did with East Side Access and the Second Avenue Subway,” Saul said.

Construction is expected to begin next year, with a completion date of 2022.

Deals this week: Virgin Hyperloop

Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) and Virgin Hyperloop One have signed an agreement of understanding, which will see the transport engineering company study the viability of installing a hyperloop transportation system in Maharashtra, India.

Virgin Hyperloop One and its partners, in association with PMRDA, are set to work together to meet the regulatory requirements for the project under the agreement, as well as also provide information for use in the preliminary report.

The study intends to assess the benefits associated with hyperloop technology and will recognise a number of potential routes in the state, which will be devised via consideration of the demand for the system and various socio-economic factors.

If implemented, the system is expected to minimise the travel time from Mumbai to Pune to 14 minutes from the existing three hours by car.

All Aboard Florida could start Treasure Coast, Space Coast construction as soon as next month

All Aboard Florida said on Friday it will begin construction north of West Palm Beach early next year.

The announcement follows two important financial developments.

First, the railroad on Friday won approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation to proceed with its application for a $1.6 billion federal loan.

The DOT approval, known as a record of decision, signifies that All Aboard Florida’s proposal for Phase 2 passenger rail service, between West Palm Beach and Orlando International Airport, complies with the National Environmental Policy Act, an idea that Treasure Coast governments have long disputed.

All Aboard Florida officials on Friday said the railroad now has all the federal environmental approvals it needs to begin Phase 2 construction through the Treasure and Space coasts.

“This is the most critical and final step in the extension of Brightline’s service to Orlando, and we are excited to move forward with Phase 2,” Dave Howard, Brightline CEO, said in a news release.