We’d only have 15 minutes of notice if a space storm were to hit

NY Post

Devastating space storms could strike Earth at any time – and we would only have 15 minutes of warning.

A direct hit from a space storm would wipe out power across the globe plunging the earth into complete darkness.

Chillingly, experts would only know about the cataclysmic phenomenon 15 minutes before it ploughs into us.

Space storms can come in a number of different forms but the most destructive is a coronal mass ejection (CME.)

These can send billions of tonnes of matter hurtling through space at more than seven million mph in a spectacular explosion.

They are caused by the sun shooting a giant cloud of magnetized plasma off into space and would cripple the earth by affecting technology, satellites and disrupting power supplies.

CMEs are often associated with solar flares – a giant explosion on the surface of the sun that sends energy and particles streaming off into space – but can occur independently.


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