Elon Musk wants to start digging in Los Angeles

Bizjournals Orlando

Elon Musk’s idea for The Boring Co. is less than a year old, but he’s ready to start digging a tunnel under Los Angeles.

The man who leads SpaceX and Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) applied for approval from L.A. officials to start burrowing along the 405 freeway, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The privately funded project would start near Hawthorne, Calif. — where SpaceX is headquartered and where The Boring Co. already has started digging — and parallel the 405 north toward Westwood. The route would include “a number of stops along the way,” a company spokesperson said.

Musk first started digging in an old SpaceX parking lot in Hawthorne, and in August got permission from the city to extend the tunnel past the property line.

Last month, he shared a photo of the project’s progress, saying that The Boring Co. has dug 500 feet so far, and the tunnel should reach two miles in three or four months, with the goal of paralleling the 405 freeway from Los Angeles International Airport to the 101 “in a year or so.”

However, that seems an unlikely timeline with requirements such as city approvals of the nascent technology, permits and environmental reviews. Councilman Mike Bonin invited Boring to present at the city council next year, the Times said.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County already has a plan to build a $5 billion tunnel through the Sepulveda Pass, also along the 405.

Back in Hawthorne, The Boring Co. has permission to dig a two-mile underground test track extending west from the SpaceX headquarters under the northeast corner of the local airport and along 120th Street.

Such a system would reduce a trip from Westwood to the airport to five minutes, Musk has speculated.

In addition, the company got permission to start digging a similar tunnel on the other side of the country. The state of Maryland issued a conditional utility permit to tunnel 10.3 miles under part of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

That dig is just the first step toward an underground hyperloop that would connect New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. — an idea Musk proposed on Twitter over the summer. The trip would take just 29 minutes.

A Florida Hyperloop One route has been talked about. The proposed 257-mile Florida route would be a speedy 26-minute trip, and would call for connections at the Dolphin Mall in Miami and Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort, as Orlando Business Journal previously reported.

Musk has released a steady stream of renderings of the Hyperloop One project, including how the system would work, what it would look like to ride through the tunnels and what passenger vehicles would look like.

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