Stew Leonard’s now delivers groceries to your home

In all the places I have ever lived, the best place to buy your groceries was in Connecticut. STEW LEONARD’s

Sick and tired of how you can get verything you ever wanted
delivered to you by AMAZON and WAL*MART

If you are a fan of Stew Leonard’s, then we have got some good news.

You will now be able to get your groceries delivered right to your door. The grocery store has launched a new service called ‘Stew’s Fresh Delivery.’

The chain announced that every Stew Leonard’s, including the stores in Norwalk, Danbury and Newington will deliver.

But, you will have to live within a 20 or 30 minute drive of the Stew Leonard’s store to be eligible for delivery. (that covers a lot in a small state).

Hope the local media in their area will support them rather than give free advertising to Amazon, Wal*Mart (and Apple)

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