MTA Drivers, Advocates Call For All-Door Bus Entry

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has introduced a new program in hopes of making bus service faster and safer.

Bus drivers and transit advocates joined outside the MTA Headquarters (2 Broadway, New York) to call for all-door boarding.

Brooklyn bus driver James Fuller said he has been assaulted and spat at for asking someone to get off his bus. “We have to divide our attention between a possible assault and driving down the road,” Fuller said.

New Select Bus Service routes have customers pay at a sidewalk kiosk and allow them to enter at any door. Beth Childs takes it from the Upper East Side to Lower Manhattan. She said it has “has cut probably 20 minutes off that trip.”

As the MTA prepares to choose a contractor for so-called mobile ticketing, advocates say ticket readers could be placed at all bus doors.

(Guest article by Ken Kinlock)


Missouri bid to land Amazon includes Hyperloop One Technology

Missouri’s bid to land Amazon includes a bold initiative that would connect St. Louis & Kansas City in under 30 minutes.

Economic Development officials are touting a plan that would create “an innovation corridor” that would connect both metropolitan areas with technology being developed by Hyperloop One.

If built, the plan would include a stop in Columbia.

The Hyperloop One concept would connect St. Louis to Kansas City in approximately 24 minutes, and would include a high-speed tube that would transport both passengers and freight.

A feasibility study funded by private money is already underway.

According to officials, Amazon employees would have the option to live and work in different cities throughout the state.

In addition to the state proposal, economic development officials say they will support plans being submitted by St. Louis & Kansas City.

State officials will not publicly disclose incentives, subsidies or tax breaks being offered to Amazon.

Proposals to land Amazon second headquarters are due today.

Amazon officials say the winning bid will mean 5 billion dollars in investment and upwards of 50,000 new jobs.

St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern said, “This is the first time i can remember Missouri and Illinois working in unison on a Mississippi river development project. that is a big first. it’s a visionary proposal.”

New England Gateway, The New “Alphabet Route”

Guest article by Ken Kinlock

Over the years we covered the historic “ALPHABET ROUTES”

More recently there has been a lot of activity in creating a “New England Gateway”. Because it involves several railroads, we will call it an “alphabet route”.

Before then, rail freight into and out of New England had been mostly Conrail (now CSX) or Guilford. Another route exists that avoids these carriers.

A test train has run to Johnson City, New York (January 2006). This coal train moved via the New England Gateway Route (P&W-NECR-VRS-D&H-NS)

“P&W” Providence & Worcester Railroad (the Providence and Worcester Railroad has joined the Genesee & Wyoming family of railroads)


“NECR” New England Central Railroad


“VRS” Vermont Rail System


“D&H” Canadian Pacific Railway (was Delaware & Hudson once)


“NS” Norfolk Southern


A coal ship arrived at Providence, Rhode Island and was unloaded to a 50-car train.

The train travels to Worcester, Massachusetts, then to New London, Connecticut on the P&W.

It switches to the NECR for travel, back through Norwich, Connecticut then Palmer, Massachusetts, to Bellows Falls, Vermont.

At Bellows Falls, it is picked up by VRS and heads to Whitehall, Vermont.

From Whitehall, D&H takes it thru Saratoga, Schenectady and Oneonta to Binghampton.

NS carries it the last leg to Johnson City.

The route has varied, the owners have varied; but this is the basic “sketch” of the route.