Green new Jaxport CEO

The Port of Jacksonville Port Authority Board of Directors unanimously voted to hire longtime Jaxport executive Eric Green as Chief Executive Officer. Green had served as interim CEO since March.

The Board conducted a national executive search to fill the vacant CEO position.

Green joined the port in 2005 and served previously as Senior Director, Government and External Affairs, leading the successful effort to gain authorization and funding to start the Jacksonville Harbor Deepening project. The project to take the federal shipping channel to 47 feet will begin construction in the next few months, the port stated in a release.

The port is served by CSX, Norfolk Southern and Florida East Coast Railway. It has volume of more than 1 million containers annually.

“Eric Green has demonstrated in his period of service to Jaxport, and his period as interim CEO, that he will be a great asset to this port as CEO,” said Chairman Jim Citrano.

Prior to joining the port, Green served in numerous leadership roles for the City of Jacksonville, including Deputy Chief Administrative Officer. In this position, Green managed several city departments and was instrumental in the successful development, passage and implementation of the $2 billion Better Jacksonville Plan.

Green, a Jacksonville native, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Jacksonville Chamber and the Florida Chamber of Commerce. He is a graduate of Saint Andrews Presbyterian College and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Railway Age

Video Screens Will Soon Start Forcing Ads On Captive Subway Riders

There comes a moment in every New Yorker’s life in which they have to decide if this city is worth the fight. Sometimes, it’s a rent increase. Other times, it’s a lost job, a broken relationship, or a 40-word Joan Didion sentence. Well, friends, my moment has come—the MTA announced today they’ll be installing digital screens in subway cars to display ads. Soon, you could be trapped in that terrible tunnel approaching the Manhattan Bridge forced to watch an unending loop of ads, just like that episode of Black Mirror where the dude from Get Out tries to keep the chick from Downton Abbey out of the porn industry, and just contemplating this miserable future is making anxiety hives bubble on my wrist.

Today the MTA announced a partnership with OUTFRONT Media to install over 9,500 digital screens “that provide both advertising and customer communications” above and inside subway stations and on subway platforms. Some of these screens will provide information for commuters, much like the touchscreen maps already available at many subway stations. Others will replace paper ads, making it harder for budding artists to add their own decoration.


Mermaid, Drag Queen And Oracle To Compete For Miss Subways Title

WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN — A mermaid, a drag queen tour guide and an F train oracle will compete on Thursday to be named Miss Subways 2017.

The City Reliquary Museum in Williamsburg will resurrect the historic New York City Subways Pageant on Thursday evening when a panel of celebrity judges will decide who best represents the MTA.

“In a night of performances spanning the classy, the trashy, the weird, and the whimsical, contestants will demonstrate their love for their subway line of choice,” organizers wrote on the museum website.

Contestants include Glace Chase, who describes herself as New York City’s only drag queen tour guide, Laura Von Holt, a mermaid with a fondness for the mythological Second Avenue Subway, and Rebecca Leib, the self-proclaimed F Train Oracle who will provide train line compatibility readings.

The event gives “a wink and a nod” to the Miss Subways beauty pageants — held in New York City from 1941 to 1977 — where straphangers competed for the honor of having their bios and photos posted in the subways.

Williamsburg Patch

More Reaction to the Canadian HYPERLOOP

Now the Toronto Star has weighed in to the story of the HYPERLOOP.

A smooth-running TTC would be cooler than a Hyperloop to Montreal. Toronto to Montreal in 39 minutes doesn’t count for much when it’s hard enough getting from Toronto to Toronto in 39 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong: Hyperloop, the Elon Musk-inspired transportation technology that could one day ferry people to and from distant cities in under an hour, is extremely cool. It’s also extremely cool that this means of science fiction transportation, which moves passengers via “electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube,” might get its real-world start right here in Toronto.

Last year, Hyperloop One, a company attempting to turn Musk’s vision into a profitable reality, launched an open call for proposals, asking scientists to develop their own hyper-speed travel routes. And just last week, the company announced the winning results, among them a proposal by a design team called HyperCan, for a route that could transport people from Toronto to Montreal in 39 minutes.