Gripes About My Week plus a Great Sears Story

It has been a tough week in the land of blogs and website posts. Did not meet my objectives this week.

First of all I think I should not try and work with the TV on in same room.

Golf, especially FedEx ads, tick me off. I see their ads and it looks like Tour de France. Golfers must now throw their fists and kick their legs in the air. Used to be they take hat off and shake hands.

Change to News channel and get what looks like unpaid ads for Amazon and Apple. Cannot understand love for the IPHONE. Go out other day and first two people I pass are talking on IPHONE with cracked glass on the thing.

Change pace and check my email. OUTLOOK (formerly HotMail) gets slower and slower each year. YAHOO MAIL was just as bad. Glimmer of hope few weeks ago when VERIZON bought them. Actually gave me ENGLISH when I log on. But now back to normal shitty service. What do you expect from Verizon….it is just bad old New York Telephone Company still!!! Thanks to GMAIL.

Then must change links in many WebSites because many links no longer work! I live outside US so must be a “bad guy”. Hits me when I link to “Bridgeport” or “Utica”. Thank God for the WIKI.

OH! “Home Delivery”. So important to TV commentators. I do not want it. Even with cell phone, a big PAIN IN THE ASS. Live in little house behind big appartment buildings. Must go to street and guide person through entrance. Rather buy local.

Finally, hate when people refer to me as an EXPAT


Now for a cute little story:

Wild-Eyed Sears CEO Convinced These The Flannel Pajama Pants That Will Turn Everything Around

From The Onion

CHICAGO—Rambling to no one in particular as he paced back and forth across his office, wild-eyed Sears CEO Eddie Lampert was reportedly convinced Thursday that he had found the flannel pajama pants that will turn everything around. “Finally! I’ve done it! These woven pajama pants are gonna put Sears Holdings Corporation back on top!” said Lampert, adding that newest line of sleepwear would fly off shelves so fast that “Bezos is gonna shit his pants.” “It’s for men, women, and children! And we’ll offer one with hearts on it! A red-and-green checkered one, too, just in time for the goddamn holidays! Ha-ha-ha! It’s game over, assholes, because soon I’ll have shipped out 10 million of the comfiest goddamn PJs in the entire fucking retail universe! Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” At press time, Lampert had filed for bankruptcy after converting the company’s entire inventory to pajama pants.


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