What Is Elon Musk Up To With His Boring Company?


By Noel T. Braymer

Elon Musk is primarily a promoter. He hires scientists and engineers to develop the cars, rockets, batteries, solar cells or what ever idea or project he is promoting. As a promoter he is an expert at teasing the public by releasing just enough information to spark their interest. But without to much information of what his intentions or what the status are for any of his many projects. This is particularly true with his Boring Company. He implies his company is working on a technological breakthrough which will create miles of tunneling costing much less than conventional tunneling and dug much faster than possible now which will be used to reduce auto congestion. There is plenty of history that shows adding more roads increases congestion, not relieving it whether on the surface, elevated or underground. So what are his short term plans for the Boring Company?…

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Trains Have More Passengers With Connecting Buses (with photos)


By Noel T. Braymer

The good news for Ontario International Airport in San Bernardino County is the extension of regular bus service every 15 minutes most of the day and week. Not only will Omnitrans route 61 connect to most of the other buses in the Inland Empire. But it will also stop at Metrolink stations at downtown Pomona served by the Riverside Line and Fontana on the San Bernardino Line for connections to the Airport. Such connections are long overdue between trains and buses. Amtrak has been busy in the last year or two adding bus connections to several of its trains.There are Thruway bus connections on Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer between Oklahoma City and Newton,Kansas  with connections to the Southwest Chief that’s doing very well. Recently there was expanded bus service for the Sunset at Maricopa, Arizona for direct bus connections to Tempe, downtown Phoenix and the Phoenix Airport…

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Loren Data Sponsors Retailer Summit at X12

X12 is a valuable tool for the creation of valuable standards for electronic commerce. But X12 is not the standard itself, but the collaberative organization made up of all stakeholders – retailers, vendors, service providers and software developers – who come together to create the standards that they need.

Please check out it out at http://www.retailersummit.com and come join me in Pittsburgh on September 26, 2017.

Todd Gould