By M.E. Singer

1 September 2017

Richard Anderson
President and CEO
60 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002

Dear Mr. Anderson:

As a published pundit critically analyzing Amtrak over the years, I wish to share with you a synopsis of what I have identified as the salient issues, with a suggested course of action, to enable Amtrak to become more efficient and effective. Such action is relevant in following through on how Mr. Moorman has endeavored to re-build the respect and integrity of Amtrak, in order that it may move forward internally, with Congress, and in the public’s eye. The length of this open letter is parallel to the extent of the issues requiring resolution.

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Call it Mess Transit

Like under Bloomberg who wanted congesting pricing to enter the city, that proposal went nowhere. Now, once again, the same idea has surfaced to get people out of their cars to pay to pay for mass transit. Yet, with the way the system works, when it works, how many overcrowded trains do we have? Constant delays and breakdowns will not attract more people to take mass transit.

The same could be said about the buses.

How often have you waited for a bus, then noticed one bus, and a minute later, a second bus arrived?

How long did it take to build a portion of the Second Avenue subway?? Seems like 100 years ago. So how do the smart people think the subways can handle more passengers if the trains have constant problems. Let’s not forget what will happen when the L line is shut down. Better think about that, “brain trust.”

How come mass transit in other parts of the world work so much better, cleaner, efficient, and much much more reliable?? With all the supposed technology we have it lacks vision — and that’s a shame.


Global Hyperloop Technology Market 2017 Analysis

According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Hyperloop technology market is expected to grow from $0.132 billion in 2016 to reach $1.78 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 45.01%. Rapid industrialization, growing population rate, reduced time travel, less land area requirement, less expensive and easier-to-build infrastructure and resistant to natural calamities are the major factors driving the market growth. Lack of awareness regarding the technology usage, government interference, and various safety and security problems are the factors hindering the market growth.

By carriage, the passenger transportation segment is the fastest growing due to its ultimate services in transportation industry and it also provides transport facility at high speed with low cost. In addition, the fastest mode of passenger transport is provided by hyperloop when compared to other transportations such as train, airplane, etc. The hyperloop technology market is likely to be commercialized in Dubai(Asia) by 2022.The extended support from local government, advanced constructional facilities, capital investors and other factors constitute to the commercialization of hyperloop in this region and thus plays a key role in building the first operational hyperloop route between Dubai and Dhabi.

Some of the key players in the Hyperloop market are Hyperloop One, Spacex, Dgwhyperloop, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Aecom, Transpod Inc., MIT Hyperloop, Badgerloop, VicHyper, Delft Hyperloop, Open Loop, BITS Hyperloop, AZLoop, UW Hyperloop and WARR Hyperloop.