What Can Mr. Anderson Do To Turnaround Amtrak?

Great ideas on Connecting “Flights” (plus leasing)


By Noel T. Braymer

Richard Anderson is the former CEO of Delta Airlines who has agreed to a six month training period to learn how Amtrak is run, before he takes full control as Amtrak’s President next year. The question I have is what in Mr. Anderson’s long experience in the airline industry that prepares him to make a major impact at Amtrak? The number one challenge at an airline, or any business is increasing sales, while controlling costs. At the heart of any airline is the desire to fill all the seats on a plane with paying passengers on every plane before it takes off. For airlines an empty seat on a plane when it takes off is money lost. It is akin to a store throwing out perishable goods which is a loss on the balance sheet. Not only do airlines want to fill seats on their planes…

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