New/Improved Dates About NY Central History

For a long time, Mark Tomlinson has commented about Important Dates In NY Central History. For a while we followed him and commented/added material on his stories. Then we got tied up with HYPERLOOP, 2nd Avenue Subway, Florida East Coast BRIGHTLINERS, etc. WELL, Mark picked up the ball and added new dates and added descriptions.

Did not have 1938 Century picture for display, so our Featured Image is the 1938 20th Century floating past Studebaker in South Bend, Indiana. Probably just after June 13, 1938.

June 13, 1845 The Troy & Greenbush Railroad (later NYC) opens between its namesake New York towns. It is the last link in an all-rail line between Boston and Buffalo. We just created a new WebPage on the Troy & Greenbush Railroad.

June 9, 2009 A half-mile segment of the former New York Central’s elevated line on the west side of Manhattan is opened as a park. The rails remain in place in a rail bank, even though no train has used the line since 1980.

See more on the West Side Rail Line

June 11, 1872 The first American railroad YMCA is established at Cleveland Union Depot under the patronage of James H. Devereaux of the Vanderbilt Lines. Train dispatcher Henry W. Stager is the founder of the railroad YMCA movement, which aims to provide safe and clean housing for railroad crews laying over at distant terminals. Below is a “meal ticket” from the Selkirk YMCA

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