Circus is Dead but the Rail Cars Keep Running!

Biggest “YAHOO! GROUP” these days is CIRCUS TRAINS. Have never seen so much traffic! Both the RED and BLUE circus trains “died” just recenly way away from “home” in Florida. If you bought a circus car, you have to get it to a new home.

Biggest discussion topic has been….nobody is removing circus lettering from the cars. The circus said “you must remove, etc, etc”. But mot buyers are NOT.

Typical post: “None of the RBBX markings have been changed, guess the circus thought it to be too much effort since they were getting rid of the cars (not unreasonable). Easier to get them on their way to the new owner than to go through the effort to remove them and find out what the next reporting mark is suppose to be, especially so those going to private individuals or private companies.”

Just type in “YAHOO! GROUPS CIRCUS TRAIN” and look through the posts.

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